CRAFTSMAN TOOLS Commits Moral Treason, Rachets-Up Tool Making in China

I haven’t posted on the Blog for several months due to trying to build  the number of companies  and very proud of the fact we now have over 1200 AMERICAN companies on the site.   NO secret, I’m a car guy.  That means I have tools, lots of tools, and have some of them since I was a kid.  My tool of choice has always been  CRAFTSMAN  from Sears.


Saturday, I visited my local Pahrump, NV Sears store and brought a 1/2″ drive ratchet to take advantage of my lifetime warranty.  I’ve only taken 3 back in a lifetime, and all of them in the past 3-4 years. Why? Because they decided to save 5 cents on a ratchet by replacing a steel gear with a plastic one.   So it was time to exchange one.  Billy greeted me and I just held up the ratchet and he grabbed one off the spindle  and proceeded to do the cash register paper work.   Billy made the mistake of saying, “You know these are now made in China?”

“CRAFTSMAN IS MADE IN CHINA?” “Are you kidding me?  This is a National Institution, you have got to be kidding!!”   was my reaction.   “Nope” was his response and

there is was on the back of the package, “Made in China” .   I was shocked, and let down that Craftsman would “Sell Out”.  Then it dawned on me that the pricing was still the same,  I didn’t get a discount for  a now, inferior product.   This really aggravated me, and then I took a look at both ratchets, and sure enough, my old ratchet had “USA” on the handle and the new Chinese version just has a number (see first Photo).




CRAFTSMAN HAS e-VOLV-ED! I told Billy that I did not want the Chinese ratchet, I wanted mine fixed.  The best he could do is dig through his pile of  pieces parts and he found a repair kit that he handed me and said it was an easy fix.  This may seem “trivial” to some, but this is a serious hit to our manufacturing base.  Sears has had for  a number of years, a “lesser quality” line of tools called “E-Volv” with Green Packaging ,  and when shopping , you can compare the 52 Piece tool kit for $44.99 or pony up twice that much for a “real” Craftsman set, that is now made in the same Chinese Province.


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PRETZEL LOGIC ECONOMICS “Buy American is NonSense”

On October 31, 2011 Economist , David R Henderson from the Hoover Institute, proclaimed on the Stossel Show that it is “Nonsense to buy Made in America”.  I would like for you to view the video before reading further, it will make more “Cents” .  Although  the video was broadcast originally on FOX-Business, it is not available so the link  that is provided is from the  Bastiat Institute Website, established in 2009 to promote “Austrian economics”  VIEW VIDEO

I have watched  this several times and I’m still confused if John Stossel  agrees or disagrees with Henderson.   It opens up with making fun of a clip of Diane Sawyer’s Made-in-America series on ABC News with Henderson declaring  that Buying American is not only  economic ignorance but will not create jobs and increase poverty.

This 1975 Steely Dan album (vinyl record) , Pretzel Logic , gave us a definition that really describes Mr Henderson’s thinking; Fallible , twisted circular reasoning that when dissected …IS WRONG, does not make sense or does not explain the situation rationally.” I think that about covers it.  Henderson says that most economists agree with him when he  promotes his buy-the-cheapest-product-out there-so-that-you-will-have-more-money left-over-to-buy-more-cheap-stuff theory.  (Smell  those Pretzels burning?)  To further  twist the logic, he then states that why would we  just buy, “Made in Alabama”, or even break it down further, “Made in Montgomery , Alabama”?   I don’t know, maybe you might want to ask the town of Fort Payne , AL formerly the “Sock Capital of the World”,  which had  100 mills as late as the year 2000, employing  more than 7000 people.  With NAFTA and CAFTA opening the flood gates for cheap Chinese goods, the town has less than 2 dozen sock companies hanging on.  I’m confused , Mr. Henderson   on how flooding the market with Chinese Socks helps the working force in Fort Payne providing replacement jobs for their lost industry  in your Pretzel Logic World?

At this point, Stossel holds a bag of American Grown Coffee, Henderson  says that by purchasing this at a higher price , reduces your power to purchase other goods because of the premium price that was paid.    Please, could you two find a more obscure American product to use?    There is only one place to grow American Coffee, Hawaii .  Everyone  knows that coffee has always been a world commodity just because of the limited growing locations.  To make a point with American Coffee was nothing more than a set-up to prove their point.

Continuing  the video , Mr Henderson defends that  that are very few sweatshops in the world and that companies (conglomerates to be exact) actually pay more than  working in the fields and local factories, and if we disrupt that “Econo-system” now , you will have young children in the streets involved in a life of prostitution.  So   moving the sock industry to China, got the kids off the streets and gave them slave labor jobs, and the folks in Fort Payne moved into the streets and unemployment lines and that is good ………How?  (A little more salt on that Pretzel please).  At this point , I had enough of this convoluted thinking and would like to present my “Mark, my Words Logic”.  I’m going to try and type slow and use one syllable words  to present  my “Hypothetical”  point.



Bristol TN/VA        43,511 population

Kingsport TN          44758 population

Johnson City TN     63,141 population


Dismantling Pretzel Logic

All of these towns have their own economy.  Gas stations, Florists, Hair Salons, Grocery Stores, Car Dealers, Lawn Services, Lumber Yards, you get my point.  IF  everyone in  the Bristol area decided to buy their goods and services in Kingsport, how long would it be till  those who worked in those stores and businesses in Bristol would lose their jobs, because there was no business?  Keep in mind those folks who went to Kingsport  to shop, live in Bristol , probably have family working in Bristol, but still trek to Kingsport to get groceries or gas or get new tires on their car.  Sooner or later the businesses would close completely and the owners and  the work force  of Bristol have to find a new way  to earn a living.  Kingsport  prospered with all the extra business,  but never reciprocated. They hired some of the people from Bristol, but now they have to commute 30 miles to work and  have less discretionary income to spend on “Cheap things”.  And since they have already driven 30 miles to go to work, they now have formed the habit of shopping in Kingsport because there are no businesses left in Bristol.   Housing values start to decline, the foreclosure demons are  rearing their ugly head and the business base is gone.  People are stuck.

Johnson City wants in on this and buys up the old equipment and inventory in Bristol and gears up for Business. Johnson City starts an ad campaign in Kingsport  (“It’s Cheaper in JC”) to lure customers and slash prices on all products and services .  The Folks in Kingsport who were taught that buying cheap stuff , gives you more money to buy cheap stuff, start day-trips to Johnson City to buy their cheap stuff.

The shopkeepers in Kingsport who prospered when  the Bristol Boom took place, now start to feel  the negative impact of  the  “Day-Trippers”  who abandoned their loyalty to the hometown vendors producing the first round of lay-offs starting with  the folks hired  from Bristol.  Next, comes, or should I say “goes”, the lay-offs of the local employees, because everyone is going to J-City to “Reap-the-Cheap”. Kingsport  finds out it’s not too big to fail and businesses close, jobs are gone and the housing values fall off the cliff, just like Bristol.

Johnson City never had it so good. All the people from Bristol and  Kingsport have to shop in their stores and can do what they please with the prices.  The Johnson City business owners are inundated  with job applications from the folks desperate for work,  who live in Bristol and Kingsport ,  learn quickly that they will work  a lot cheaper than the Johnson City residents.  Little by little the hometown Johnson City workers are “laid off” and replaced  with the people who will drive 30 miles for any kind of job.   Making less money than ever, the economy is reduced to the essentials.   Higher end restaurants, furniture companies , car/boat/RV dealers  and Home builders, slowly start to drop out and add  more to the unemployment lines.   It doesn’t even matter anymore how much goods and services Johnson City can offer, the populous are only looking for Essential Cheap Things.

The only way Mr Henderson’s Economy works is in a Social and Economic level Playing field, which means he advocates a  Global Economy fueled by Socialism.   After Word War II the United States was the World  Economy, supplying the planet  with the best products ever produced.  Apply this Tri-Cities  example on a National  Level and you can see why  a country who has given away it’s manufacturing base is doomed to spiral to mediocrity.

I’m sorry, Mr Henderson, you may have schooling and letters after your name but you are Dead Wrong on this.   We have to take care of our own, buy local, look for things made in the USA and buy the best we can.  An old carpenter told me 30+ years ago, “A poor (working) man, CAN’T afford Cheap things”.   AMEN, a working person can’t afford to keep replacing  cheap stuff, he needs to buy the best he can.  I learned this lesson in 1985 when I paid $459. for a commercial Snapper Lawnmower.  I got 20 years of continuous service from it, that was $22.95 per year vs buying a cheap $100 mower every other summer.

True Capitalism doesn’t mandate the world, it’s working conditions or products be equal.



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From Marksmanship To Penmanship

Since starting this website, I read  Magazines that I didn’t even knew existed in my pursuit for All Things Made in America.  While scouring  FARM SHOW, for featured companies that make products for the Agricultural Market, I came across a half of a page introducing me to Charlie Thompson.  At 70 years old, he spends 50 hours a week  devoted to a retirement hobby that  became a mission after his son received a Purple Heart in 2005.  Charlie started making Pens in honor of his son’s Purple Heart, who  incidentally , gave it away to another soldier who “deserved it”.

In August of 2007, Charlie and his wife got the news that every military family dreads, SGT Jacob M. Thompson was killed by a road bomb in the Iraq Military Theater.  After spending  6 weeks in a daze, Charlie decided to honor his son by making Freedom Pens from spent 7mm shells.   The 17 step process costs him about $3.00 to produce and has a goal to have every person serving in the military,  to have own one of these pens.

Charlie doesn’t ask for hand outs, but donations would go a long way in catching up with the 1000′s of  pen requests for organizations such as  THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. Each pen comes with a personal Thank You to each soldier and Charlie says that there isn’t a single pen that goes out that doesn’t spark a thought of his son and fishing buddy.  The word is spreading , currently there are 65-70 volunteers in Minnesota and Florida that help produce the Freedom Pens.  Taking  30 minutes from start to finish,  the two shells are joined together and open and close when twisted revealing a high quality ballpoint pen.


The article I read said that Charlie Thompson would love to talk to anyone about getting involved in making the pens or supporting the Freedom Pen Project.  Since his information was published in Farm Show, I will pass it along as well.


Charlie Thompson – North Mankato, MN -  850-630-4360  -

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Is a Question a Question if it is Never Asked?

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‘Nuff Said

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SUN-of-a-Gun, Another BEACON of Light Fails

It’s not $543 million like Solyndra, but I could live on the $43 (DOE) Million  that was given to BEACON POWER for yet another failed Energy Project.  This time it’s a 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage plant that absorbs power from the grid when the demand drops, and infusees it when demand increases in the Stephentown,  NY Plant.  The company is based in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts and according to the REUTERS STORY, they have $72 million is assets, and a debts of $47 million, so why are they filing bankruptcy ?   I honestly can’t find the answer except they say  the company is running on empty and can’t pay it’s operating expenses.  DOE (Department of ERRORS) spokesman, Damien LaVera claims that the “taxpayers are not in jeopardy of losing this money and first in line to be repaid”.  That makes me feel better.

As recent as October 21, 2011, in  Mass High Tech Business News, Beacon Power was notified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), that changes were approved on how they would be compensated by utilities that were using their services.  ( So here is why I’m Using Green Ink.)  Keep in mind this was released on October 21 and they filed for Bankruptcy on October 3oth.   Here is a quote from Judith Judson, Beacon Power VP of Asset Management, “We have Shovel Ready energy storage projects along with associated potential jobs, that have been waiting for financial commitments from investors.  With this final rule, we hope to see a much greater willingness by the private sector to support these new technologies.  We urge FERC and the grid system operators to work toward timely implementations of the rule.”  Do you think that the Asset Manager knew they would file Bankruptcy in 10 days, or was it a surprise to her on that Sunday Morning?

From my research, I don’t believe that Beacon Power was a fake company  that had an agenda to bilk taxpayer money and run.  What I do suspect is that they got complacent and lazy once securing the DOE Loan.  An entity called  the NEW YORK STATE ENERGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NYSERDA) contributed $2 million towards this same project as well.  In a May 24, 2010 article from The Investors Relations Group, NYSERDA was providing funding for infrastructure for interconnections and even a Visitor’s Center with the President, Francis Murry Jr, saying  that this relationship with Beacon will “Greatly diminish green house gases and energy use“.   So far all the right “Buzz words” have been used and that is usually what will  bring in the DOE  (Department of Embarrassment) Bucks.

My Gut Feeling is that the reason for so many failures on these so called Solar/Green Energy companies going bust is that they have “NO Skin in the Game”.  They rely on DOE Bucks  and private money to fund their ideas.   If I had  an idea  that required some big Money to build, and  my wallet was not opened to be part of it, do I care if it fails, after all, No skin off my back?  I reinforce  my claim because of a SAFE HARBOR disclaimer that was published  in several press releases by Beacon Power.  I encourage you to read the entire statement , but here are a few of the highlights  that lead you to believe that failure is not their fault.

They use  statements that may “Not be Historical Facts” but considered “Forward Looking” and contain the current Views of Beacon Power, but only with unknowns in the future.  To me that is saying we are speculating that this is true, but don’t hold us to it.    With words like “will, believe, expect, plan , anticipate”  ,  “Investors should not rely on Forward-looking statements because they are subject to a variety of risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from Beacon’s expectation”.              Hello, DOE, (Department of ENDLE$$ ), did you read the disclaimer? This is Risky Business and you are gambling with MY MONEY. It continues, “These factors include a short operating history, a history OF LOSSES, and ANTICIPATED CONTINUED LOSSES from operations and other challenges……….”    Hey I’m ready to sell my house so I can get in on some of this.    The balance of the ” Safe Harbor” declaration , pretty much blames any kind of future failure on everybody but Beacon Power.

I stand by my statement that these Solar/Green Energy Projects are Scams and wrought with Political Incest.  In closing, this is  on the Beacon Website under “PARTNERING” Definition: a mutual beneficial relationship based on Shared Objectives, TRUST, & Commitment- the purpose of which is to enhance the capabilities and success of the PARTNERS”. Hey, we’re all partners here.

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“We’ll Sing in the Sunshine…….

……….we’ll Laugh Everyday.  We’ll sing in the Sunshine,  Then I’ll be on my Way”.  (Gale Garnett 1964).   Sounds like the theme song for the exploding Solar Industry.  Without much exception, these companies seem to sing a song to beg for funding, Laugh all the way to the Bank with DOE/Taxpayer monies, and then Be on their Way to Bankruptcy.  My home state of Nevada is the newest  “IN-celestial” Solar scam outside  the long struggling former Boom Town, Tonopah, NV.

Tonopah Solar Energy, a subsidiary of SolarReserve, was guaranteed a loan of $737 Million by the DOE, as if  a Half a Billion to Solyndra wasn’t bad enough. The project is  known as Crescent Dunes and will be constructed  by Cobra Thermosolar . Part of the financing was secured by an Asset Managing company, Pacific Corporate Group, (PCG) based in LaJolla, CA. and just happens to have a Ron Pelosi, on the payroll.  If the name sounds familiar, he is the brother-in-law to the House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi.  More on this later.

Along with PCG, is another investor called Argonaut Private Equity, (APE) who was also involved with the $500 million bankruptcy of Solyndra. And what do you know, yet another name from the past appears, Steve Mitchell, who is a Managing Director of APE is also  listed as a Director of Solyndra when it went down in Bankruptcy Flames.

Ron Pelosi , is not just the Bro-in-Law of Nancy, but has held many state wide positions in the State of California.  His Nephew, step son of Nancy, is Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and current Lieutenant Governor of California, being groomed to occupy Schwarzenegger’s  old residence.  The Company that Ron Pelosi works for has had some serious integrity  troubles in recent years and was fined heavily in New York State for  a Pay for Play” scam.  Allegedly, a man named Henry Morris, who has been criminally charged, had some sort of  5% “mystery” money connected to a $750 Million deal with  The Clinton Group, a hedge fund for the (NY) State Common Retirement Fund.  In July, 2009, Attorney General Cuomo secured an agreement with PCG to adopt a “Code of Conduct” and eliminate the “Pay-to-Play”  regarding Pension Funds.  PCG agreed to return $2 million  back to the States’ Common Retirement Fund.  This was known as The Public Pension Fund Reform Code of Conduct. Apparently  the folks at PCG need to buy a dictionary because they just didn’t know what those words really mean.

CalPERS stands for California Public Employees Retirement System.    Guess who was handling over $2.5 Billion in assets for this fund,?  Yep, Pacific Corporate Group. Looks like they had their fingers crossed when they signed that pesky little Pension Fund Reform way back in 2009.  Maybe they didn’t think it was important  enough to actually take to heart, because they got involved with a man named Alfred J.R. Villalobos who is connected to fraud at CalPERS.  They have been replaced by 2 other companies.

With a population of less than 3000, Tonopah needs a new Hey-day.  It’s a shame that almost without exception, these Solar Farm deals are rancid with Crony Corruption.  A little south  on Tonopah,  in Amargosa Valley, a Company called Solar Millinneum AG has been pushing for their 4500 acre  project since 2006.  They won approval  this year  and have a  2 Year time frame to start the project.  Following the pathway of  every other Solar Project , controversy has reared it’s head. According to Solar Thermal Magazine from Sept 28, 2011, Hannes Kuhn, informed the directors that he was resigning immediately from the Advisory Board for personal reasons.  The article referenced that Mr Kuhn’s relationship with the company was “strained” .

Almost finished. Two weeks later, according to my hometown newspaper, The Pahrump Valley Times, a German Company , Solarhybrid AG has acquired the Amargosa Valley Project.  Solar Millennium applied it’s $2.1 Billion funding for a large Solar Project in Blythe, CA.

How can I get in on this.  I have ideas.  I need money.  Why can’t I get some $$$$ to fund my projects?   I’ll put the word “Solar” in and have a theme song.  “You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine. You make me Happy, When Skies are Gray…………….”

Please CLICK  the highlighted words , they have all the references and back up for this writing.

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Martin Luther King Memorial: Made In China

Today the MLK Memorial was dedicated.  It’s been a long time coming.  Such a long time that you think we could have found a talented sculptor  in  THE UNITED STATES!  Better yet, how about giving the honor to a gifted artist from the Black Community?  And isn’t the nick-name of New Hampshire, “The Granite State”?  So why did we need pink Granite from China to honor  a Great American?  This isn’t like the Statue of Liberty, a gift from another country, instead , a man named Yei Yixin, and the Dingli Stone Carving Co. was commissioned by bid to fabricate the likeness of King.  Yixin, an accomplished sculptor was selected to design the statue in 2007 with an initial outburst of outrage, but as usual, it was soon forgotten.  The display was originally scheduled to be unveiled in 2009.

Defenders of the Chinese Artist said it was no different than Yao Ming  playing for the Houston Rockets.  Really, a sports franchise is compared to a national monument ?  I think it’s more on the lines of contracting  with a  Japanese company to build the monument at Pearl Harbor. Others have said the contract was awarded to prompt  the Chinese Government to maybe fill the gap on a $25 million shortfall for the project.   Whatever the reason, I think it is an out-rage.  This would not have even been considered 60 years ago.  I don’t think Part of Dr. King’s Dream was to have his likeness Made-in-China.




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Meet the Real Faukers, Lessons in Political Incest

Just in case you missed the collapse of the “Green Energy Loans Gone Wild”, with Solyndra ($535 Million) and SunPower, ($1.2 Billion) there comes another company who stuck their hands in our pockets for a $135.8 million “good faith” DOE guaranteed loan.  Meet Brookfield Asset Management, a Toronto Canada based company.  According to their website they are, ” A global asset manager focused on property, renewable power and infrastructure assets with $150 billion under management”.  My question is if you manage this kind of portfolio, why do you need a measly $135 million from the US Government?  I think the answer is , “Cause they can”, backed by   incestual relation- ships  tied to the White House.

Meet John Podesta.  Let’s take a look at his resume’.  Age 62, was the 4th Chief of staff under President Clinton, but most recently the president of the Center for American Progress, a Far-left think tank, believed to be backed by George Soros, and ousted “green jobs” czar, and self proclaimed Communist,  Van Jones.  After the election of Barack Obama, he led the Obama/Biden Transition Team which had a budget of $12 million and a staff of 450.  Podesta also wrote the forward  for a UFO book by Leslie Kean, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials, Go on the Record.


Meet Tony Podesta, Co-Founder of the Podesta Group, with brother John,  a lobbyist first and foremost but is conspicuously missing from any mention on the website and there are claims of Tony buying out his brother several years ago.  Among it’s clients, The Podesta Group represents the  Government of Egypt and BP Oil,   (Remember the Gulf Oil Spill and BP deposited a mere $20 billion into an escrow account?).  Tony Podesta is regularly seen with New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and his firm claims to be the  “third most powerful lobbying Group in the Nation”.



Meet Heather Podesta, wife of Tony, and sister-in-law of John.  She too is a lobbyist and has her own company, Heather Podesta and Partners, LLC. Tied to her lobbying talents, is the ability to put together large cash donations for Democrat candidates, known as a “bundler”.  In fact, she and her husband were at the top of the list for the FEC’s database of political bundlers.  Podesta and Partners has represented Brookfield Renewable Power since 2009.  She has signed the Guest Book many times at the White House.  Keep in mind, her website claims that they “….craft a targeted plan that will advance our clients’ interests in the most comprehensive and efficient way possible”.



Meet Diana L. Taylor. A Powerful woman in the Financial world and was New York State’s Banking Superintendent  from 2003-07.   She is mostly known as the steady squeeze for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  She was also with Lehman Brothers  from 1982-84 and is  currently an Independent Director at Citicorp since 2009.  In 2008 , Fannie Mae paid her $5591 for some sort of consultation.  Ms Taylor had a position of Director for , you guessed it, Brookfield Asset Management and was “paid” with Stock options totaling $113,000  in 2007-08.  Did I mention she was a Director at Brookfield Asset Management?


What the……………….. Here is how this all ties together.  BAIF Granite Holdings was created by Brookfield Renewable Power, a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management, to build a Wind Power Project , in Coos County New Hampshire.  The (DOE) funding was secured in September 2011, before the deadline expired by the lobbyist, Heather Podesta, sister-in-law of John Podesta, who is still active in the Obama administration.  Now jump over to the Wall Street Protestors, they have been “holed up” in Zucotti Park, which is named after   co-chairman John Zucotti of,  let’s all say it together, BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT. Since the park is “privatley owned”, Mayor Bloomberg has allowed the protests to continue even though the policing costs  have surpassed several million dollars so far. Maybe the Mayor “consulted ” with his girlfriend for advice since she was a director  of the company that owns the park, Brookfield Asset Management. Can you imagine, if another protest group was occupying the park?   But then again, one of the Sponsors of the Protest is  The Center for American Progress, who’s president is John Podesta. CAP Director and  former “green Jobs czar”, Van Jones is behind every move they make.  Will this  circle EVER  be UNbroken??

Mark, my Words, the Green movement is a sham .  All of this “renewable” hype is exactly what it is, hype.  The “Solar/Wind talk” is just a vehicle to bilk BILLIONS of tax payer dollars to companies that connect almost every time to the White House on some level. The Chinese are kicking our butts with cheap solar panels, and we will not catch them by giving money away to companies that are based on Political Incest.

See my other Blog entry “Harry Reid, GREEN with NV”

PS: Rumors that Heather Podesta is the reincarnation of Michael Jackson are not true.




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Pollock-tics Is a Fishy Business

Spending time with my Brother and his family in Denver, lead us to a grocery store run to Albertson’s.  On the way to the lunch meat, was a large end-cap frozen food freezer piled high with Pollock filets colorfully packaged with  a nice American Flag Logo.  Pollock was not on our preordained shopping list, but the package did make me do a double-take.  Someone did a nice job on the patriotic logo and I swear it called out and  said “Pick me up”.  So I did.  Wow, Great American Seafood Imports Co right under the American Flag.  Uh-oh, I just saw the dreaded “I” word.

So why do we have to bring Pollock Fillets from China into our American Grocery Stores?  I didn’t bother to price the package because , frankly  I was repulsed at the thought of serving a dinner that was “Made in China”.  Once again, another company wraps itself with our flag and wants you to think that they are creating an American Product.  SHAME ON YOU, GREAT American Seafood Imports Co.  The package says “Caution, May Contain Bones”  but what else does it contain?    Their website says, “Due to the popularity of the Great American label,” it allowed them to become a National distributor.

I  personally would never purchase these products, and recommend that if this bothers you,  let your local grocers know how you feel.

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