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CRAFTSMAN TOOLS Commits Moral Treason, Rachets-Up Tool Making in China

I haven’t posted on the Blog for several months due to trying to build  the number of companies  and very proud of the fact we now have over 1200 AMERICAN companies on the site.   NO secret, I’m a car guy. … Continue reading

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PRETZEL LOGIC ECONOMICS “Buy American is NonSense”

On October 31, 2011 Economist , David R Henderson from the Hoover Institute, proclaimed on the Stossel Show that it is “Nonsense to buy Made in America”.  I would like for you to view the video before reading further, it … Continue reading

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From Marksmanship To Penmanship

Since starting this website, I read  Magazines that I didn’t even knew existed in my pursuit for All Things Made in America.  While scouring  FARM SHOW, for featured companies that make products for the Agricultural Market, I came across a … Continue reading

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Is a Question a Question if it is Never Asked?

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‘Nuff Said

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SUN-of-a-Gun, Another BEACON of Light Fails

It’s not $543 million like Solyndra, but I could live on the $43 (DOE) Million  that was given to BEACON POWER for yet another failed Energy Project.  This time it’s a 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage plant that absorbs power from … Continue reading

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“We’ll Sing in the Sunshine…….

……….we’ll Laugh Everyday.  We’ll sing in the Sunshine,  Then I’ll be on my Way”.  (Gale Garnett 1964).   Sounds like the theme song for the exploding Solar Industry.  Without much exception, these companies seem to sing a song to beg for … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Memorial: Made In China

Today the MLK Memorial was dedicated.  It’s been a long time coming.  Such a long time that you think we could have found a talented sculptor  in  THE UNITED STATES!  Better yet, how about giving the honor to a gifted … Continue reading

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Meet the Real Faukers, Lessons in Political Incest

Just in case you missed the collapse of the “Green Energy Loans Gone Wild”, with Solyndra ($535 Million) and SunPower, ($1.2 Billion) there comes another company who stuck their hands in our pockets for a $135.8 million “good faith” DOE … Continue reading

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Pollock-tics Is a Fishy Business

Spending time with my Brother and his family in Denver, lead us to a grocery store run to Albertson’s.  On the way to the lunch meat, was a large end-cap frozen food freezer piled high with Pollock filets colorfully packaged … Continue reading

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