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The Lift Behind Series

The  Space Shuttle Discovery launched  on February 24th  for it’s 39th and last mission to the Space Station.   My guess is that we all have become complacent in paying attention to the marvels of man’s ingenuity.  Record crowds lined the … Continue reading

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Soaring Grocery Costs Exceeding Your Budget?

There is nothing more American than the American Farmer.  With  continuously shrinking of the product packaging for the same money, you might want to think about grabbing a shovel and getting some dirt under your fingernails.  California may already be … Continue reading

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“Stand By For News” , The Payne-ful Truth

One of my heroes for decades was Paul Harvey.  When the familiar , “Stand by for news” was delivered, you had better pay attention.  More news was delivered between his words  than the original copy.  I miss my morning friend.  … Continue reading

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BILL O’REILLY This Patriot IS a Pinhead

Supporting the US economy is important to Bill O’Reilly and all of us at Therefore, it is always our first choice to offer merchandise made in the USA of 100% USA-made materials. In this age of globalization however, it can be impossible to find, or prohibitively expensive to carry, certain products that are 100% USA-made. As a result, when there is a demand for a product and that demand cannot be met by a 100% USA-made product, will purchase from a supplier that can meet our standards of quality and level of service. In those instances, we will clearly label such products so you can make your own informed purchase decision. Continue reading

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TRUMPED. The Donald Wants Tariffs , But Buys 10,000 Windows from China

I have a hard time understanding why there are people out there believing Trump’s own Rhetoric that he may be a contender for President. The man is a fraud.  The attached article tells how he purchased 10,000 windows for a … Continue reading

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SHAME on You. Since I am a car guy practically from birth, (literally from the age of 2), I was excited when the introductory e-mail was sent to me for American Shifter Company. Here is a perfect company to recruit … Continue reading

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AMERICAN LIVING, Not Provided by J.C. Penny

SHAME on You. Next time you are in J.C. Penny, count how many times you see this logo, “American Living“.  It is displayed in  bedding, sheets,  towels, household  goods, and various clothing sections.  The prominent Ol’ Glory would lead you … Continue reading

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AMERICAN Forge and Foundry

SHAME on You. While attending the SEMA convention in Las Vegas , the first week of November, 2010,  I found the Booth for AFF. I searched and searched but ALL the tools were made in China.  This was no surprise, … Continue reading

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Ignorance has NO Expiration Date

Ignorance or stupidity is here to stay

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If We Would All Lean Towards the Right, There would be No One Left.

That’s what I’m Talking about

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