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In Memory Of…………

                I just wanted to share a sobering experience . Yesterday, May 29th, I visited  for the first time with my brother Larry and wife Shelly, nephews John and Luke,  FORT LOGAN MEMORIAL … Continue reading

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I Heard it Through the Grapeview

Once in a while, you come across something  that just reaches down in your heart and it screams YYYYEEEEESSSSSS, That’s it.  I believe I have found an obscure blog entry, based on a young lady growing up in an obscure … Continue reading

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The Eagles Are Preparing to Leave the Nest

if you haven’t checked out the three baby AMERICAN Eagles, this is amazing.  Born the first week of April, I caught them on April 21st at three weeks old.   They were still “Featherless” and sleeping most of the time.  In … Continue reading

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T.P. of the Iceberg or Optical Delusion ? (Response 5/17)

According to all Government Reports, Inflation is in Check, with the disclaimer always added, “Excluding food and fuel”. Isn’t that what Americans do best, eat and drive, and sometimes at the same time. Have you bought a  box of cereal … Continue reading

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Alaskan Air Base Has “Made in China” Products

When we build an Air Force Base, it is  always for National Security.  According to the Federal Registry, component products are required to be made in America during the construction of the the Base.  A waiver had to be used … Continue reading

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I TOLD YOU SO “Made In USA” Revival (Update 5/13)

I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO!! Since before launching www.USAonly.US, I have been proclaiming there is a wave slowly growing across America to get back to supporting American made products.  One by one , people are drawing a … Continue reading

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The Mis-FORTUNE 500

Since 1955 ,  Fortune Magazine has been compiling a list of the 500 most productive AMERICAN Companies, based on gross sales/revenue.  Interesting enough is that the  rankings do not reflect profitability , as you will see in the 2011 Top … Continue reading

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