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Home Deposed

I’m sure there will plenty of Depositions if the U.S. Department of Justice moves to sue HD for violating the Buy American Act of 1933. The law simplified , states  that all materials used on public projects, must originate in … Continue reading

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Another Government Fuel-Proof Idea. A Lesson of Corn and Flake.

NEWS FLASH: We’re Getting Hosed at the Pump. Although you can’t actually find this box of cereal on your grocer’s shelf, you can find it’s concept.  E-85 Ethanol is a bad idea on all levels.  Lets start with a June … Continue reading

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HISTORY Not Worth Repeating in America

SHAME ON YOU. I’ve never been to the Smithsonian Institute/Museum.   The way I remember is that they are the keepers of one-of-kind historical artifacts , documents, and inventions.  And correct me if I’m wrong, I believe it’s All AMERICAN.  So … Continue reading

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June 2009 Memo for Recovery, Not Received by Nevada Company

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Recession was over June 2009 and was touted by the White House as the “results of the stimulus package”.   Try and tell that to Chromalloy Nevada of Carson City.  In fact … Continue reading

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Objects in the Mirror……….. (updated 6-15-11)

Rear view mirrors give us a reference point of where our vehicle is right now, as compared  to where we just came from.  In other words, the mirror is an instantaneous  historical reference of travel, and provides a scale  of … Continue reading

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From Surf & Turf, to “Off the Cuff” Sales

Last  week an “e-mail buddy” sent me this receipt from Menominee, MI.   dating back to February 2011. Someone is eating pretty well, with five lobsters, two Porterhouse steaks, and topped off with 120 cans of Diet Mountain Dew.  But if … Continue reading

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