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There’s Gold In Them, There HULLS

This picture is all over the net as the world’s most expensive Yacht.   It’s Gold and Platinum Plated.  My Problem with this is that the only sources for this story is TABLOID papers from the UK and Aussie down under.   … Continue reading

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I Have Nothing To Add

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Old Glory’s Colors Really Are Fading

Just spent the weekend in Aurora visiting my brother and company.  100 degrees in the Denver area is a little much, so shorts were a necessity.  While in a store in Elizabeth, CO  to pick up some aspirin, these shorts … Continue reading

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CHOCOLATE MILK, The Udder White Milk.

YOO-HOO, Got Milk Police? It seems that a pint of flavored milk is what is “tipping” the scales for obesity in the L.A.UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. I would have never made it through school if it wasn’t for Hershey’s syrup.  Mom … Continue reading

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Dateline: Pahrump, NV  July 1, 2011. This weekend represents Twin Milestones.  It was July 4th, 2010 at 12:15 am that this site went live after over a year of design, construction and driving my I/T guy nuts. I actually had … Continue reading

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