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PRETZEL LOGIC ECONOMICS “Buy American is NonSense”

On October 31, 2011 Economist , David R Henderson from the Hoover Institute, proclaimed on the Stossel Show that it is “Nonsense to buy Made in America”.  I would like for you to view the video before reading further, it … Continue reading

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From Marksmanship To Penmanship

Since starting this website, I read  Magazines that I didn’t even knew existed in my pursuit for All Things Made in America.  While scouring  FARM SHOW, for featured companies that make products for the Agricultural Market, I came across a … Continue reading

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Is a Question a Question if it is Never Asked?

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‘Nuff Said

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SUN-of-a-Gun, Another BEACON of Light Fails

It’s not $543 million like Solyndra, but I could live on the $43 (DOE) Million  that was given to BEACON POWER for yet another failed Energy Project.  This time it’s a 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage plant that absorbs power from … Continue reading

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