BILL O’REILLY This Patriot IS a Pinhead

SHAME on You. First, I like  Mr. O’ Reilly, most of the time.  But as undisputed King of Cable, and promoting a book entitled “Pinheads and Patriots”, you would expect that he would be one of the Patriots, not a Pinhead.  B.O. doesn’t  just pander books, but has a complete line of “Accessories” in the O’ Reilly Gift FACTOR-y.  The Red , White and Blue theme permeates the products page with the  AMERICAN PATRIOT Logo, but with products “from the world”.  You can order a nice Chinese pen with the word “Patriot” for $17.95, as well as hats, travel cup and lanyard from the same country.

Looking for a fleece jacket or golf Shirt?  They aren’t sure , but may be from Vietnam, Bangladesh, or Myanmar.  To get a matching sweatshirt, you’ll have to settle for Pakistan or Cambodia.  Moving closer to home, his  T-Shirts are from America……….ah, South of America, with options from Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras or Haiti.  I did find some U.S. Made products in his FACTOR-y;   Coffee mugs, a $4.00 key chain, and an American made door mat that just seems bazaar to wipe your mud on the word “Patriot”.  So, “What Say You, Bill”?  Give us the “Spin” on why you shopped at WalMart for your Patriot souviners .   In his defense he does post a “disclaimer”  that they try to find products that are U.S. made but come on,  3 items ?   Heck, he could have found the rest of the American made products right here on USAonly.US.   “What Say Me?”  Bill, Why don’t you read one of your Outsourced  shirts, and……………………………..

I have a suggestion for Bill if he intends to expand his  product line from China:

Bill O’ Reilly Urinal Cakes.

Thanks to Bob in Mississippi for the heads-up

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