I have never visited George Washington’s home in Mt Vernon,  Virginia, but my friend J.T. toured the home about 18 months ago.   Little did I know that I would be  the recipient of a Genuine Mt Vernon Key chain.  The inscription on the back contains the words, “….the breathtaking  views of the countryside make it easy to understand why Washington considered his time spent at home among the happiest of his life.” The First President continues, “and why on God’s earth would you sell crap from China in my house?”   Okay,  so maybe the last part was embellished.  But still, how do you take a  National Treasure, the former home  of a Founding Father,  and disgrace his honor with peddling trinkets from

China ?  The sad part is the grounds have been maintained by the Mt Vernon Ladies Association since 1853.  It is by far the most visited Historic Estate in the Nation with an estimated 1,000,000 visitors a year.  I would be curious as to when that Historic Board Meeting occurred by a majority  vote to desecrate the honor of George and Martha Washington by thinking it was their Patriotic duty to farm out the trinkets and souvenirs  to a Communist Country?  Who was at that meeting ?  I want names.   I saved my introduction for last:  SHAME ON YOU, Ladies.

If you would like to give them your 2-cents regarding this sell-out here is the contact info:

Mount Vernon Contact


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