USAonly Gets Recognized on ABC World News Website

ABC World News has launched a 10 day series on MADE IN AMERICA.   They have taken several approaches, including removing everything from a family home in Texas that wasn’t made in the USA.  The house was left virtually empty except for the kitchen sink.  ABC Correspondent, Sharyn Alfonsi , along side the homeowner, spent their time searching for replacement items  to refurnish the  home with all Made In America products.  The two part series will surprise you. 

After viewing the video, I had made contact with Ms Alfonsi, and gave her all the particulars about USAonly.US.   Her response was that she had wished she had known about the site  when they were shopping the previous week.   Thinking I had missed  an opportunity, she said that she would try to post the site so viewers would have an internet source for USA Products.  To my shock, I learned we were posted as the first listing on the “Where to Buy” page.  Please take the time, to view all of their videos in this series. I have said for several years, the ONLY way we get out of this recession, is to Support American companies, buy local, and don’t let our money cross the ocean.   Here is the Link to the ABC Series, Made in America.


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