From SUPER-Power to SUPER-Powerless?

When we post new companies on this website, one of the most important questions is, “Your Thoughts on America”. These  are featured on the home page in the Theater.  Some of them will make you cry when you feel the passion in their  words.  This week Brittany,  in a Montana Sign Company posted these thought:  “In order for America  to stay competitive, American factories need the support of  their fellow-Americans. We need to stay open, not only for the jobs, but in order to stay relevant in our fields.  If we allow this to slip away, ALL the Experts will be in foreign countries.”

Please view this video from October 1942, when a rag-tag team of engineers towed an experimental aircraft on  to a dry lake bed, and introduced America’s First Jet Airplane. That was 69 years ago, in the midst of World War II.  A few years later we introduced the Atomic Bomb, that ended the same war.

I’m not sure of Brittany’s age, but she has NAILED IT.  There is a scene in this video where a problem  was discovered with the instruments, and the simple fix was highlighted. The  truth is, the engineers who developed  the plane could probably draw blueprints  from memory.  The plane was “tweeked” during test flights , because THEY BUILT IT.

There are lots of lessons to be learned here.  As you see our NASA Space program go into mothballs, just remember  that it was developed by private American Enterprises that employed thousands and spawned numerous products that we use  everyday.  Listen to the Theme Song from the Home Page, it says it all.


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