What The FRAC ? Brazil Gets U.S. $$ to Drill for OIL

I am well past being ticked off that we have $4.00 gasoline.  But it really throws me over the edge when we have leadership that has not only halted  progress, but has burdened the industrial community,  and  our lack of oil has trickled down to our  day-to-day living.  Think not?  Almost everything around you is a petroleum byproduct.  Wind and solar, yeah, yeah. A nice alternative, but try flying a jet with wind or solar.

This video is presented by Northern Oil and Gas and takes you through the process  of horizontal drilling  to tap the Bakken Oil Reserves in the Upper Midwest.  We have become a country that is holding itself hostage.  Contact your Congressman and Senator and ask them why this  administration’s answer for drilling is actually in another country.  BRAZIL  DRILL

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  1. American Patriot says:

    Excellent presentation.
    I had to learn it as it progressed.

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