CFL’s (Chinese Fabricated Lightbulbs) Put Your Favorite HAZ-MAT Team on Speed-dial

So Light Bulbs are going  the way of Gasoline, You will pay 3-4 times more than for the Standard Thomas Edison incandescent Light Bulb.  Basically , government regulations now controls your bathroom.  Double and triple flush toilets, trickle down shower heads, and soon your bathroom will have flickering office light.

(I’m  thinking of buying $50,000 worth of “regular” light bulbs and holding them for the “Dark Market” that will “come to light” in 2014).  So how is it that our government  mandates we have to use a certain product , and there is not one of these CFL’s made in the U.S. ?  It seems Our Green is Going Overseas, is that what they mean by “Going Green”?  Check out Congressman Ted Poe, (R) TX and see his response to the CFL debacle.   He brings before Congress the EPA’s instructions on how to clean up a broken CFL in your house.  Clear the room, open windows, remove the pets, and treat it like nuclear waste.  Don’t believe me, here is the actual instructions for a Mercury Meltdown:

When you click on this make sure you go to the download PDF and print out the 3 page instructions and post them in every room in your house , in case you drop a bulb.

EPA  Rules for CFL De-Contamination.


Keep in mind, these dangerous bulbs are made by a country who has lead paint in kid’s toys, chemicals in pet food, and has no Environmental Policy.


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