CHINA Plays Us Like a Fiddle

Part of growing up in America was taking “Band” in any school system.  You could “Check-out” an instrument for the school year, then it was returned to be tuned up and refurbished for the next year.

A friend relayed this story about a man he ran into , working part-time at a Big Box store in Texarkana, TX. The conversation must have included the years of experience in their respective fields and it was revealed that the man in the orange apron was a musical instrument repair man for the better half of his 60 years.   He told my friend that there  was no  need for his services because the schools no longer buy American made instruments.  The Chinese instruments are so cheap that , in lieu of spending the money for repairs, the school districts merely dispose of them. Another industry disappears, and a piece of our culture ends on a sour note.


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