T.P. of the Iceberg or Optical Delusion ? (Response 5/17)

According to all Government Reports, Inflation is in Check, with the disclaimer always added, “Excluding food and fuel”. Isn’t that what Americans do best, eat and drive, and sometimes at the same time. Have you bought a  box of cereal lately? Same price, but now the size of those little boxes you got in a restaurant that transformed into a bowl, with a steak knife.

Well check out some Angel Soft Toilet Paper. The package on the left was in my linen closet, and may have been there about a year.  The smaller package on the right, purchased  last week and proclaims it contains a 20% Bonus.   A 20 % Bonus of what?  The obvious is that the older one, “equal to 24 regular rolls”,  on the left is taller, and I can verify, heavier.  The old package has rolls consisting of 352 sheets that are 4 1/4″ by 4″ . equaling 501 square inches.  The “Bonus’” package, “equal to 28 regular rolls”, has 360 sheets that are 4″ by 4″ (reason the overall package is 3/4″ shorter)  and equaling 480 square inches.

So the old package has 252 square inches of toilet paper over  the new packaging, yet the new one proclaims a 20% Bonus? The Back of the Georgia-Pacific product proclaims, “with an extra layer, to get the job done”  .  With every other sentence in Spanish, I finally found the “toilet paper Hotline” (1-800-2TELLGP) and maybe I’ll just pay them a visit and see if they can explain how this pencils out.   The Good News…….MADE IN USA.

This  is what I received from GP:

Thank you for contacting the Georgia-Pacific Consumer Response Center. Georgia-Pacific places tremendous importance on the feedback we receive from our consumers.

We appreciate your comments and they have been forwarded to our marketing personnel and management for response.

Consumer Response Center

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