From Surf & Turf, to “Off the Cuff” Sales

Last  week an “e-mail buddy” sent me this receipt from Menominee, MI.   dating back to February 2011. Someone is eating pretty well, with five lobsters, two Porterhouse steaks, and topped off with 120 cans of Diet Mountain Dew.  But if you look at the circled area on the receipt, you’ll notice that you and I paid for this in the form of a DEBIT FOOD STAMP CARD totaling $141.78

My guess is that this may have not been the first time this scam has been performed, but it has a new twist.  Apparently the card was issued to Louis Wayne Cuff.  He didn’t break any laws until he decided to  peddle his groceries for 50 cents on-the-dollar.  I don’t know if Cuff was Cuffed, but he could face 5 years in prison (we’re still paying to feed him), and a $10,000 fine.  Kind’a ironic that the sales receipt from the Angelist Store reads “Life is full of choices” For more details click here: Lansing State Journal


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