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I’m sure there will plenty of Depositions if the U.S. Department of Justice moves to sue HD for violating the Buy American Act of 1933. The law simplified , states  that all materials used on public projects, must originate in The United States.  Originally , a Depression Era mandate issued by President Roosevelt, it was implemented to help get Americans back to work supplying goods for the “Make Work” Programs .

I’m sorry, I’m really confused here.  If the Home Depot has most of its goods made in China, how can this be a surprise?  This website was launched because I was tired of not having a choice when shopping at a Big Box Store.  Show me a battery-powered tool in that store that is made in America, as well as compressors, nail guns, nails, lighting, bathroom accessories,  outdoor BBQ’s and furniture, appliances etc.  OK, lumber, carpet, paint , bath tubs and landscaping , I’ll give you.  My money says that there are more categories that are imported from China.

The list does not stop at Home Depot.  Fastenal, agreed to pay $6.25 Million even though they still felt they had complied with the BAA.  Staples, Office Max,  and Office Depot have also a  $22 Million tab.  W.W. Grainger , a favorite among farmers and ranchers, coughed up $6 million because of overcharging for  Taiwanese products.

I’m still shocked that this is a News Flash.  Does anybody ever check the bar Codes and labels when you shop in these stores?  I would say office supply stores would have twice as much imported product than Home Depot.  The joke of the day is a quote from  Home Depot spokesperson ,Stephen Holmes; “We would never knowingly, sell prohibited goods under any circumstances, and we have been cooperating with the government to provide requested information.” Their tag-line, “More Saving, More Doing, More Chinese Crap” ,  should be added to the slogan.                                    CLICK HERE for AP Story.

I personally try to stay out of  the Big Box Stores.  It’s bad for the Mom ‘n Pop’s and usually takes out the small local businesses.  I also have known suppliers who have had their products in the stores, and LOW-bid is king.  If another vendor comes along with a 5-cent savings, you need to clear the shelves of your products.  I’m also against Home Depot because of their aggressive Pro Gay/Lesbian Parade Sponsorships.

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