Old Glory’s Colors Really Are Fading

Just spent the weekend in Aurora visiting my brother and company.  100 degrees in the Denver area is a little much, so shorts were a necessity.  While in a store in Elizabeth, CO  to pick up some aspirin, these shorts caught my eye.  I liked them, and I’m old enough to not really care what others think, (although I haven’t done the black socks and sandals, yet).    So I did what everybody should do, check the label.  The familiar  Faded Glory brand tag was  right there in the middle of the Stars and Stripes. But like so many other clothing companies  they are making these flag shorts in the clothing mecca of Sri Lanka.

The irony , (or is it a prophetical statement ?), of the Faded Glory brand is; “Fits the Way America Lives” . Amen to that.  This IS the way America lives.  We drop into Walmart, load the carts with whatever they put on the shelf, smile because it’s cheap, and take the  recycled double plastic bags full of disposable products home. The double irony is the basis of the brand was to revive Americana, but stitched  in Bangladesh and China.  Maybe the words “Faded Glory” is reminiscent of a Battle Scarred Flag, but do you want to buy new clothing that has an endurance lifespan of a tattered flag?  I consider it an insult to produce  a flag of any kind offshore. SHAME ON YOU  for Insulting ‘Ol Glory.

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