There’s Gold In Them, There HULLS

This picture is all over the net as the world’s most expensive Yacht.   It’s Gold and Platinum Plated.  My Problem with this is that the only sources for this story is TABLOID papers from the UK and Aussie down under.   All of the stories are copies except the details have been changed. This boat is anywhere from 100 feet to 543 feet long, depending on the story.  It has 100,000 ounces of gold or 100,000 tons-you pick.  One story said  the Gold on this boat is 2% of the total gold produced in 2009.  Built in Italy, finished in Malaysia , supposedly , a “Malaysian Businessman” had the $4.3 Billion Dollar Boat built for him.    Take a look at the pictures, they look photo-shopped to me.  There is no posting on You-Tube to be found.  You would think that a boat that  had a piece of a Meteor used as decorator Art and a T-Rex Bone  carved into some sort of wall hanging, that you could find the story on some credible news sources.  The Yacht is called the “History Supreme”. I think we should take a can of spray paint and rename it , “The Troller of Babel”.

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