“Bull Crap Allocation 2011″ Full of the “EN” Word


Fresh from the script writers of the World Wrestling Federation , we find the 9 page “compromise” that is supposed to keep our boat afloat , AKA the Budget Control Act of 2011.  Has it ever been more  clear  the games that are played in DC?  Like the ABC Made-for-TV Movie of the week, the happy ending appears the day before the so called D-Day  (Debt-Day?).  Could someone remind these 536 people that even with a 10% unemployment rate, that means there is another 90% of the working population that  are still having deductions taken from their checks and forwarded to the government to spend.   I really wished  they would have let the time expire to prove that it was all smoke and mirrors.

If you click the link above you will find the 9 pages of these  Sacred Writings known as  BCA 2011.  You have to read it on line, it will not print.  But here  are some of the “low-lights”  of the Bill;

  • ENsures that if any part of the bill is Unconstitutional, the rest is still Valid.
  • ENfuses a 1985 Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act  with spending exemptions for “emergency appropriations”, and additional spending to combat WASTE, Fraud and Abuse (?)
  • ENables Congress to designate what is an “Emergency” to increase spending.
  • ENdless Spending limits. If the President cannot prove that the budget is within $100 billion, then the Treasury can borrow up to $900 billion . ($100 billion away from a trillion if my math is correct)  I Choose Door Number 3
  • ENcourages the Treasury to Borrow  $1.2 Trillion if Congress can’t agree on what color the sky is.
  • ENacts the Treasury to borrow an additional $1.5 trillion  even though “all increases in borrowing authority are subject to Congressional DIS-approval” (?)
  • ENforces sequestro pro rata, better known as the Kum-By-Yah Doctrine.
  • ENlists Sequestration  Procedures in Section 302.  This is when you ” reduce the discretionary spending limits and include sequestration procedures for direct spending to ENsure these are achieved”.  Got it?
  • ENdemnifies a Joint Committee . Because of inflation, the “Gang of 6″ is the now the “Committee of 12″.  So now our ENtire Economy can be directed by twice as many people.
  • ENlarged Committee uses a new word  “Revenue Measure”  because “TAX” sounds so icky.
  • ENhances the pay of those on the committee because they are experts in “Rule Making”
  • ENrolled Students will have no more incentives for on-time repayment of student loans.

I ENcourage you to check it out yourself.  I see all this as having one ENding; an ENlarged Deficit, an ENtangled web of double-speak , ENdless ENtitlements, and an ENdangered Economy.  I just hope that most of these 536 do not get an ENcore in 2012.   I believe the ENemy is within, Washington just needs a good ENema. Feel ENlightened , Now?



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