Leave it To Borrow-crats and Spend-icans

Since my TV has been unplugged since March 1, 2005 (the Night NYPD Blue signed off) , I have found some refuge in watching old LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Episodes.  They were filmed from 1957-63 and show just how far backwards we’ve gone  in 50 years. The show was written from a child’s perspective  and how the world looked through The Cleaver Brothers’  eyes.  Watching 3 episodes in a row with no commercials allows  me  to escape today’s crisis and to be welcomed into Ward and June’s home for some milk and cookies.

I watched one the other night when Eddie Haskel, the double personality friend of Wally, decides to quit high school to take a job making “Real Money”.   Eddie walked out of High School and homework to work at Mr Turner’s Gas Station for $80 per week.  Ward agreed that  $80 was “good money” and was concerned that his son,  Wally would be tempted to leave school  to have that kind of money in his pocket.   The story ends with Eddie going back to school because all of his friends stayed in school.

I know all about inflation  and wages and , and, and…………………..but I gotta ask, What IS Our Money Worth” ? I found a presentation that really  paints a sad picture of what our debt looks like.   One of the insights I gained after viewing this , is  a better understanding of how Inflation manifests , and is fed by the printing presses of the Treasury,   Take some time and get a perspective of what money looks like.  In my lifetime, I’ve seen; Millions, Billions, now Trillions, do I dare ask what is next, Quadrillions ??   CLICK HERE for The Big Picture

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