20,000 Employed Americans Milestone Reached

When I started this website , I always wondered  at what calendar date  some of  milestones would actually be realized. I wanted to keep track of the employed Americans, to bring a picture to the website user, that these people are your neighbors.  These products are NOT produced in a sweat shop by faceless people in a country far removed from our everyday life.

People who frequent  the website  tell me that this is where they look first  to see how many more companies and total jobs have been added.   If you do the math the average is about 30 people per company.  That’s a family when you spend a third of your day  and 5 days a week with each other.  All the more reason to make the effort to support these companies.

I could only “fathom” that this site would take off and be a benefit to vendors as well as  the shopper.   Next stop, 1000 companies.  (BTW a fathom is about 6 feet, so 20,000 fathoms is about 22.72 miles)

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