Chinese Company Under the Microscope

Here’s a new one.  This hasn’t happened before.  I actually had a Chinese Company register to be posted on my website.  Huh?   Is it a joke, or do they think because they send us so much product , they actually believe the products ARE made here?   All of the fields of entry were complete, but my suspicions were spiked when I saw the company was in Shanghai, Shanghai, Alaska. All those years in parochial school sent up a “Red Flag”  (pun intended).   They posted  a 13 digit phone number, a contact person and e-mail address.

The website is in Chinese and English and they are obviously a major player in the Biological Microscope Industry.  I’m not going down the road that their product is inferior , but I have to ask, Isn’t there a US Company capable of making these products within our borders? They have listed 200 employees and all they make is microscopes, that’s a serious product focus.

Every company that registers  is asked for their “Thoughts on America” and then  we post them in a revolving theater on the home page.  The person who completed  the registration information posted:   “DEVELOPED”

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