GE “We Bring Outsourcing to Life”

GE….We Bring Good Things to Life, was the tag line from years gone by.  Today the GE may stand for Global Enterprises or for a group of people in Wisconsin, Goodbye Employment. It was announced a few days ago that the 100 + year old X-Ray division will be transferred  to , where else, Shanghai , China.   What makes this  a real problem is the fact that the president of GE , JEFFERY IMMELT, is one of the “Job Czars” and adviser to the White House for , ready, “Jobs Creation”. I can see where Mr Immelt may have realized some confusion in the fact that the title doesn’t say specifically  “AMERICAN Jobs Creation.  So, I guess, when you run a company that pays no taxes with an $14.3 billion windfall,  (see Blog entry “Mis-Fortune 500″) in order to keep his job,  more pieces of the GE Empire must relocate to  Imperial China. Already there are more outsourced jobs for GE than there are mainland employees with 25% of all GE products to be manufactured in China in the next 5 years.

The New Slogan , Imagination at Work, also doesn’t say “Where”  that work may be.  Started in 1890, as Edison General Electric, by THE Thomas Edison, GE was also one of the first 12 original companies to form the Dow Jones Industrial Average circa  1896. I’m wondering if we can make the connection that incandescent light bulbs have been Out-Lawed by Congress, and  Immelt is an adviser in the White House , and all of those expensive, dangerous,  CFL’s will be made in China, exclusively by a company that all they want to do is “Bring Good Things to Life”. (see Blog entry CFL’s Chinese Fabricated Lightbulbs).  Naw, no connection there.  I’m sure there is also no connection for the major push  from the White House for Wind Turbine power either.   Hey wait a minute.  Isn’t one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines that company who just wants to put Imagination to work. Sure glad we cleared that up.

So is GE Too Big To Boycott??  Maybe , because they can still thrive with their  over seas operations.  I realize that capitalism allows the freedom for companies to do this, but you would think that Mr. Immelt would “dance with the one who brung ya” but on second thought, Maybe he already is.




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  1. Charles Conlin says:

    I think Immelt is a communist and a traitor to this country.

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