COSTCO is RE-Volting, Pulls Plug on EV-ers

Bad news for those .oooooo1 % of people  who chose to invest massive quantities of dollars for  a Jetson’s electric car.  Looks like you’ll need to invest in some outdoor type extension cords because your local Costco is flipping the breakers on 64 of their 90 “juice” stations for EV (Electric Vehicles) owners.  The reason, ah no one is using them, so they will chalk it up to a bad investment and remove them from the designated  “RE-Charge” stations. Electric cars have been around since , actually the first electric cars were  built in the 1830′s.

So I bet you didn’t know that the EV out-sold gas and steam powered cars in 1899 and 1900.  The 1902 Woods Motor Vehicle Company of Chicago, had a car that had a range of 18 miles, could go 14 MPH, and cost $2000. In 1916, the Woods company built the first hybrid. (Maybe the Toyota Prius would have been more appropriately named the PRI-Vious).  When  the GM Volt was splashed all over the media as  the answer to Petroleum Powered cars, we could say “Been there, Done that”.  One Hundred Eight years later , the Chevy Volt has a range of about 40 miles, not sure of the top speed, with a sticker of $41,000.  I did the conversion as far back as I could go, but $2000 in 1913 is $45,640 in today’s money, so the 1902 Woods EV was quite expensive.  The selling features back then was not much different than today, Low noise, no smells, and didn’t scare the horses.  Production of these electrified carriages peaked in 1912 with a price tag pushing $3000.

Just like with any product presented to the public, Purchases Prove Acceptance.  The government is mandating that we find alternative methods of powering cars, the only problem is that people don’t want them.  Having a background in supplying Building Materials, I just don’t see a guy pulling a truck full of materials and tools to a job site and plugging into a power pole so he can drive it back home.  People with families, do not want to risk the safety of their families, in a  micro car.   Suburbans, Expeditions, Durango’s  just make sense for families with a soccer team to move down the highway.

The only one’s that say this is a tragedy are the “Tree Hugger” blog spots.  These folks just don’t get the concept that the free market exists by  the acceptance or rejection of a product.  The majority of the American public is not interested in Charging a car for a four hour run, and then, not being  able to find a fueling station.  And the question that is never answered is how much of an environmental impact does it still take to generate the 220 volts to charge the cars  for 2-8 Hours? And what about the battery replacement and disposal?

Nissan is moving forward on their EV expecting it to catch on by 2014.  My suggestion is for them is  to “Turn Over a NEW Leaf”.  and give us cars, that we want to drive.  One Article I found asked the Question; Where Will We Plug in Electric Cars?

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