(Note: I do my best to keep my comments to be non-political, but I feel I must comment on the recent Bus Tour of the President). I realize that President Obama does nothing more than walk toward the bus and go where the tour takes him and has nothing to do with purchasing or outfitting the equipment.  But how far out-of-touch with our country and economy can the powers-to-be ………..be?  With a price tag of $1.1 million  x 2,  the check  for the buses was written by US  taxpayers and cashed by the Prevost Company, in Canada, via Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in Tennessee.  The tour lasted 3 days, so the buses alone cost $733,333 per day, not including fuel, food, secret service, and all the entourage that follows the President.  Since this tour was to “listen to the people”, what message does the White House send  especially when the President was flown from one bus location to the other.  There was actually no continuous 3 day tour.

Companies like MCI, Chicago, Thor in Indiana, Silver Eagle Bus, TN, and even Bluebird, in Georgia  all have employees that would have appreciated  a 40 hour paycheck and an opportunity to serve the country.  According to 38,000 comments on Twitter, 71% of the people viewed the 3-Day Tour as having a negative impact.  One of the quotes from the President that didn’t resonate was when he voiced  the need to boost  manufac- turing  and US exports, ” We’ve got folks in America driving Kias and Hyundais,  I want to see folks in Korea driving Fords and Chryslers and Chevys.  I want to sell goods all over the world that are stamped  with three words, Made In America”. (America consists of Mexico and Canada, “Made-in-USA” would be the correct comment).   Americans are not stupid and the partially driven Canadian Buses, with not even as much as an American Flag displayed, did not digest  well in the Farm Belt, regardless of Party affiliation.










Perhaps the biggest part of the “Magical Mystery Tour” is that it was not touted as a campaign for re-election.  Johnny Williams , from Alabama, operates a company called John L. Productions that provides “campaign buses” and could have easily supplied a Secret Service approved Bus for the President’s 3-Day Tour of the Midwest.  Williams has a whole bus-load of experience dating back to 1988 with George Bush I and as recent as John McCain in the last election providing S/S Approved transportation.

I think this is a serious incident.  I want to know why the Secret Service is buying buses for a 3 day outing, when there are other options , just as viable , with real American jobs not considered important?   With the mainstream media unanimous in seeing the tour as an  “early campaign tour”, why are the Tax Payers buying the buses? When you hire a caterer for  a wedding, you don’t buy all of the tables, chairs, plates, tent, or even the Reception building, but that’s exactly what we did with  the buses..  Where are the buses now?  One account said that the buses weren’t t even driven back to DC, they were flown  back on US Air Force Cargo Planes.  This country is in the worst condition in our lifetime. The Excessive waste that is perpetrated by this President and both Parties in Congress is really tickin’ me off.  The real name of the 3-Day Tour should have been: One Nation, Under the Bus, TOUR.

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