Georgia Company Sticks it to China

Who starts a company in November 2010?  Who starts a company in November 2010 that has most of their product exported to China?  Who starts a company in November 2010 that has most of their products exported to China , and manufacturers over 2,000, 000 units per day?  GEORGIA CHOPSTICKS LLC in  AMERICUS, GA , is the answer to all three of those questions. A Korean-born , American Citizen, named Jae Lee already has over 25 people working in his Georgia plant.

This is the irony of all ironies.  According to reports, the Chopstick demand is somewhere in the 63 Billion pair per year Neighborhood.  So how can we export Chinese eating utensils , be profitable  and have a guaranteed market?  Supply and demand .  China has very limited forest resources and Georgia has a stash of Sweet Gum and Poplar trees which are soft and pliable and I guess , doesn’t put splinters in your Low Mien.  Lee’s goal is to install more machines and have a capacity of 10 million pair per day.  So in a year’s time Lee could be producing  3.65 billion or 5-1/2 % of the world’s chopstick demand.  I “wood” like to see an American Flag on the top of them, and to add some more irony, let’s have them printed in China before they use them.  I wonder if they make a “spork” version?

Playing devil’s advocate here, how PC is making Chopsticks? I’m mean, look at the trees that are chopped down, the chainsaws, the lumber mill, the shipping , creating one giant carbon footprint. For What?  Throw-away eating utensils.  I’m not trying to knock out these jobs in Americus, but how many other entrepreneurs are stopped in their tracks by Government regulations, EPA, or other road blocks? I think I have this figured out.  We are making chopsticks here, sending them  to China, Japan and Korea, and they in turn, send us back EVERYTHING  we use everyday.  Maybe the Chinese don’t want to do these jobs and know Americans will do it.  So is it indeed  Irony or “Wood-rony” ??



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