Kind Words from NEW YORK


Wow, it seems like I  was just visiting  the Fort Logan Veterans Cemetery Celebrating Memorial Day, kicking off  Summer, and in the snap of a finger, it’s Labor Day.

Speaking of Labor, building this website  has truly been a “labor of love”  driven by passion.   I have learned that passion will bring you to your destination faster than money.  I receive many encouraging  e-mails about  this website, but I just wanted to pass one along that came to me last night.  It will be self explanatory and kind’a gave me that feeling when your dad gave you that little encouraging slap on the back.

To have a vision is one thing… to make it become reality is a great  achievement, and a satisfying to say the least..  Congrats to you and for the recognition you received on ABC.  Take pride in what you’ve done.  It’s a terrific and worthy Web site.
I remember the day you called and pitched your idea… to ask  if I’d like to climb aboard a ship still docked.  Thank you for that.
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Auburn, NY

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