Over-Paid Nephew Buys Red Oxx Wallet

My Nephew, Ryan, has been the biggest help in making this website grow.  He’s the one  who actually assembles the Biographical pages with the pictures and descriptions.  He really does a great job, BUT, apparently I’m paying him too much money because he had to purchase a new wallet just to stash his cash.   “Ry-Ry” (as he was affectionately called by his mother, my sister, until he turned 21),  is  a perfect example of how all of us need to change our shopping habits.  Instead of just hitting the Big Box stores and sending your money to China, why not just use a website like this one  to support American Companies?  Look at the gas savings alone.   Ryan told me he was going to order a wallet from them when he downloaded  RED OXX as a company onto the site.  The new wallet replaced his old wallet that looked like a slab of bacon (?).  Anyway, this is what Ryan sent to me after he received his Red Oxx wallet:

“my new Red Oxx wallet came in as expected. I am really impressed with the quality of craftsmanship. Sure, I could have gone out and bought a leather wallet for about the same price, but it would have fallen apart in less than a year. The stitching on this thing is top-notch: The Velcro and zippers are tough, and feel like you need strong, American fingers to qualify to operate such a wallet. Also, it looks badass. I expect nothing else from retired special forces Marines that live in Montana… It has become our norm, sadly, to buy a new shirt or jacket and see that the stitching has already started to fall out. It is refreshing to see a product that was carefully made for each customer, not just pumped out of a factory half a world away…

Thanx, Ry (only one “Ry” used) for all your help and thanx for supporting one of our American Vendors.

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2 Responses to Over-Paid Nephew Buys Red Oxx Wallet

  1. Nina Tabor says:

    We’re so proud of you, Ryan! Keep up the hard work and deliberate decisions. Two things we’re fighting to keep from going extinct! ~ Nina

  2. Mark Evans says:

    Good job Ryan and Mark! I got my wallet from one of the manufacturers on the website. North Star Leather – link to their bio page: http://www.usaonly.us/CompanyProfile.aspx?id=433

    There are so many resources on your website, visitors can just type in a search term like “wallet” in the search box on the home page, and … boom! Lots of U.S. manufacturers to choose from.
    - Mark Evans

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