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Senator Harry Reid, from my home state Nevada, put on the  fourth U.S.National Clean Energy Summit on August 30th at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.  The highlight (or Low-light no energy pun intended) , was the introduction of a marriage that 25 years ago would have been treasonous. Mr. Reid is very proud that the ENN Group, Solar Energy Co. Ltd, Langfang, China,  has been given the blessing, land perks, reductions in property, sales, use and business taxes,  and the proverbial  Red China Carpet rolled out for a 5400 acres Solar panel manufacturing plant and Solar Farm.  According to ENN, 400 acres would be dedicated to producing 3-5 MILLION Solar panels per year and the remaining 5000 acres will serve as the solar farm.  The estimated cost is somewhere between $4-6 Billion.  There are “stipulations” for ENN to get all the tax breaks, one of them having an average wage of $19.93 per hour  with a minimum of 75 operational  employees hired from Nevada.   Reid emphasized  that this Solar plant will help ween us from Foreign Oil.  But I guess that it isn’t that bad to give away the (solar) farm to a Chinese company that will  build , generate and sell electricity to local Electric Companies, and all those profits will sail one way across the Pacific Ocean, so it can be loaned back to us  to pay our Bills.  I think that would be a new one, a Triple Dip.  They are also involved in a large project in ALLENTOWN, PA.

ENN has a very slick website.  You can see it is geared to be a Green Global Salvation-to-the-World, Company. My guess is that the website was designed by someone in the US, because of the Buzz words that Eco-holics crave.  Yep, they even use the word “Synergy”.  This company is no backwoods sweat shop,  with 27,000 employees world wide, the Solar Arm of the company  claims  they can produce panels that will  generate 70 megawatts that could power “40,000 North American Homes” . So why is there a comparison on their Chinese website to American Standards?

I don’t like how this is coming together.  You can’t tell me there isn’t an American Company,  when given the all the perks that we are rolling out to a Chinese company, that can’t put together a project of this magnitude?  Here’s what’s going to happen, Mark, my Words, we will see a barrage of lobbyists, backed by these Chinese Companies, that will sweet-talk people like Harry Reid, into setting deadlines for local Electric Companies to have a certain percentage of their generated electricity sourced from these Solar Farms. You’ve seen how it works, incremental inching, 5% Solar by 2017, then 10% and on and on. As these Chinese Solar Farms spring up in different parts of the country, who will control the rates?  What if we have “diplomacy” problems with China, all of a sudden our dependence on Foreign Oil, didn’t seem so bad compared to China pulling the plug.

How do we stop things like this from continuing?

How ENN Viewed the Conference

ENN message from the “Chairman”

ENN Holdings

ENN  See Who Has  Out-Smarted U.S.


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