“Better Than I Deserve”


Those of you you who are familiar with Dave Ramsey, will  recognize this response when he is asked “How are your doing”.  Dave’s formula for getting out of debt is often stated on his 3 hour daily radio program as “Advice your grandmother would give you, only we leave our teeth in”. Baby Steps is how it all starts.

In April of 2009, I had the priviledge  of attending one of Dave’s presentations in Colorado Springs with my brother , Larry, and sis-in-law, Shelley.    The program lasted  about 4 hours and I learned some new things , while being encouraged that I had made a few good choices along the way as well.  Dave’s concise message is GET OUT OF DEBT, stop using credit cards, and explains it in such a way that you realize it’s “Do-able”.  Why I am writing about this today is because when I walked out of the Colorado Seminar I had an idea.  Last week on September 12, The idea made it full circle to completion.

One of Dave’s “Tag Lines” is when he recommends that people get serious about saving money,   they need to get on a diet of “RICE AND BEANS AND BEANS AND RICE”. The message meaning, Buy in Bulk, keep it simple, and get ready for no frills, and it is usually followed by “I don’t want to see you in a restaurant unless you work there”.  So when I walked out of the Colorado Seminar, this is the idea I had in mind for Dave :

This is 1 of 2 “Beans and Rice” shirts that I had made for Dave.  I purchased the Beans and Rice bags on e-Bay and took them to a seasoned seamstress in St George , Utah.  After explaining what I wanted to do,  she gazed at me with the Deer-in-the- headlights look , but agreed to do it.  Apparently she caught the vision because she kept calling me with ideas on how she could put it together.  And so I have had  these  2 shirts hanging around for the better  part of 2 years.

On a recent trip to Tennessee, I coordinated  with Martha, “Director of Guest Relations” , who told me the best days would be Monday or Tuesday (Sept 12-13), keeping in mind, sometimes there are 75-150 people in the lobby.  During his 3 hour broadcast, Dave comes out to the lobby to meet and greet those gathered there.   I arrived an hour before the 1:00pm broadcast and conversed with Martha about the shirts.

About 1:35, Dave emerged from the studio and to my surprise , I was the only one in the lobby, with  a young couple  from California arriving just right minutes before Dave came out for the greet.  I realized I had to talk fast about the shirts ,  how they came to be,  and my reasons behind the recycled shirts.  I explained that I could see Dave walking out in a segment of his seminar with this colorful  visual presentation. The Beans and Rice shirt object lesson would resonate with  the audience and give them something to remember.  But wait there’s more.  I further explained that if someone asked where the shirts came from,   Dave could say “some crazy guy in Nevada had them made for me and you need to check out  his really cool website for American Made Products, www.USAonly.US

When Dave  first came out of the studio, he walked up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Dave Ramsey”.  That spoke volumes to me in a lesson of humility.  Of course I know who he is, but he established even ground by saying those choice words.  When I got home , there was already a Thank You letter in my mail box from Dave and the words that jumped off the page were “I understand how much work goes into getting from the product in your head to the product in your hand”.


As I drove from the Financial Peace Plaza, I had a great feeling of satisfaction and watched an idea come full circle.  I truly felt,
“Better Than I Deserve.”

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