Pollock-tics Is a Fishy Business

Spending time with my Brother and his family in Denver, lead us to a grocery store run to Albertson’s.  On the way to the lunch meat, was a large end-cap frozen food freezer piled high with Pollock filets colorfully packaged with  a nice American Flag Logo.  Pollock was not on our preordained shopping list, but the package did make me do a double-take.  Someone did a nice job on the patriotic logo and I swear it called out and  said “Pick me up”.  So I did.  Wow, Great American Seafood Imports Co right under the American Flag.  Uh-oh, I just saw the dreaded “I” word.

So why do we have to bring Pollock Fillets from China into our American Grocery Stores?  I didn’t bother to price the package because , frankly  I was repulsed at the thought of serving a dinner that was “Made in China”.  Once again, another company wraps itself with our flag and wants you to think that they are creating an American Product.  SHAME ON YOU, GREAT American Seafood Imports Co.  The package says “Caution, May Contain Bones”  but what else does it contain?    Their website says, “Due to the popularity of the Great American label,” it allowed them to become a National distributor.

I  personally would never purchase these products, and recommend that if this bothers you,  let your local grocers know how you feel.

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