Meet the Real Faukers, Lessons in Political Incest

Just in case you missed the collapse of the “Green Energy Loans Gone Wild”, with Solyndra ($535 Million) and SunPower, ($1.2 Billion) there comes another company who stuck their hands in our pockets for a $135.8 million “good faith” DOE guaranteed loan.  Meet Brookfield Asset Management, a Toronto Canada based company.  According to their website they are, ” A global asset manager focused on property, renewable power and infrastructure assets with $150 billion under management”.  My question is if you manage this kind of portfolio, why do you need a measly $135 million from the US Government?  I think the answer is , “Cause they can”, backed by   incestual relation- ships  tied to the White House.

Meet John Podesta.  Let’s take a look at his resume’.  Age 62, was the 4th Chief of staff under President Clinton, but most recently the president of the Center for American Progress, a Far-left think tank, believed to be backed by George Soros, and ousted “green jobs” czar, and self proclaimed Communist,  Van Jones.  After the election of Barack Obama, he led the Obama/Biden Transition Team which had a budget of $12 million and a staff of 450.  Podesta also wrote the forward  for a UFO book by Leslie Kean, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials, Go on the Record.


Meet Tony Podesta, Co-Founder of the Podesta Group, with brother John,  a lobbyist first and foremost but is conspicuously missing from any mention on the website and there are claims of Tony buying out his brother several years ago.  Among it’s clients, The Podesta Group represents the  Government of Egypt and BP Oil,   (Remember the Gulf Oil Spill and BP deposited a mere $20 billion into an escrow account?).  Tony Podesta is regularly seen with New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and his firm claims to be the  “third most powerful lobbying Group in the Nation”.



Meet Heather Podesta, wife of Tony, and sister-in-law of John.  She too is a lobbyist and has her own company, Heather Podesta and Partners, LLC. Tied to her lobbying talents, is the ability to put together large cash donations for Democrat candidates, known as a “bundler”.  In fact, she and her husband were at the top of the list for the FEC’s database of political bundlers.  Podesta and Partners has represented Brookfield Renewable Power since 2009.  She has signed the Guest Book many times at the White House.  Keep in mind, her website claims that they “….craft a targeted plan that will advance our clients’ interests in the most comprehensive and efficient way possible”.



Meet Diana L. Taylor. A Powerful woman in the Financial world and was New York State’s Banking Superintendent  from 2003-07.   She is mostly known as the steady squeeze for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  She was also with Lehman Brothers  from 1982-84 and is  currently an Independent Director at Citicorp since 2009.  In 2008 , Fannie Mae paid her $5591 for some sort of consultation.  Ms Taylor had a position of Director for , you guessed it, Brookfield Asset Management and was “paid” with Stock options totaling $113,000  in 2007-08.  Did I mention she was a Director at Brookfield Asset Management?


What the……………….. Here is how this all ties together.  BAIF Granite Holdings was created by Brookfield Renewable Power, a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management, to build a Wind Power Project , in Coos County New Hampshire.  The (DOE) funding was secured in September 2011, before the deadline expired by the lobbyist, Heather Podesta, sister-in-law of John Podesta, who is still active in the Obama administration.  Now jump over to the Wall Street Protestors, they have been “holed up” in Zucotti Park, which is named after   co-chairman John Zucotti of,  let’s all say it together, BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT. Since the park is “privatley owned”, Mayor Bloomberg has allowed the protests to continue even though the policing costs  have surpassed several million dollars so far. Maybe the Mayor “consulted ” with his girlfriend for advice since she was a director  of the company that owns the park, Brookfield Asset Management. Can you imagine, if another protest group was occupying the park?   But then again, one of the Sponsors of the Protest is  The Center for American Progress, who’s president is John Podesta. CAP Director and  former “green Jobs czar”, Van Jones is behind every move they make.  Will this  circle EVER  be UNbroken??

Mark, my Words, the Green movement is a sham .  All of this “renewable” hype is exactly what it is, hype.  The “Solar/Wind talk” is just a vehicle to bilk BILLIONS of tax payer dollars to companies that connect almost every time to the White House on some level. The Chinese are kicking our butts with cheap solar panels, and we will not catch them by giving money away to companies that are based on Political Incest.

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PS: Rumors that Heather Podesta is the reincarnation of Michael Jackson are not true.




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