Martin Luther King Memorial: Made In China

Today the MLK Memorial was dedicated.  It’s been a long time coming.  Such a long time that you think we could have found a talented sculptor  in  THE UNITED STATES!  Better yet, how about giving the honor to a gifted artist from the Black Community?  And isn’t the nick-name of New Hampshire, “The Granite State”?  So why did we need pink Granite from China to honor  a Great American?  This isn’t like the Statue of Liberty, a gift from another country, instead , a man named Yei Yixin, and the Dingli Stone Carving Co. was commissioned by bid to fabricate the likeness of King.  Yixin, an accomplished sculptor was selected to design the statue in 2007 with an initial outburst of outrage, but as usual, it was soon forgotten.  The display was originally scheduled to be unveiled in 2009.

Defenders of the Chinese Artist said it was no different than Yao Ming  playing for the Houston Rockets.  Really, a sports franchise is compared to a national monument ?  I think it’s more on the lines of contracting  with a  Japanese company to build the monument at Pearl Harbor. Others have said the contract was awarded to prompt  the Chinese Government to maybe fill the gap on a $25 million shortfall for the project.   Whatever the reason, I think it is an out-rage.  This would not have even been considered 60 years ago.  I don’t think Part of Dr. King’s Dream was to have his likeness Made-in-China.




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  1. Ryan says:

    As an aspiring historian, and an American above all things, this sickens me. What a slap in the face to the memory of a great man… Interestingly, I did read an article about a misquote that was thought to have come from Dr. King, that was carved on the side of the memorial. Doah!

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