From Marksmanship To Penmanship

Since starting this website, I read  Magazines that I didn’t even knew existed in my pursuit for All Things Made in America.  While scouring  FARM SHOW, for featured companies that make products for the Agricultural Market, I came across a half of a page introducing me to Charlie Thompson.  At 70 years old, he spends 50 hours a week  devoted to a retirement hobby that  became a mission after his son received a Purple Heart in 2005.  Charlie started making Pens in honor of his son’s Purple Heart, who  incidentally , gave it away to another soldier who “deserved it”.

In August of 2007, Charlie and his wife got the news that every military family dreads, SGT Jacob M. Thompson was killed by a road bomb in the Iraq Military Theater.  After spending  6 weeks in a daze, Charlie decided to honor his son by making Freedom Pens from spent 7mm shells.   The 17 step process costs him about $3.00 to produce and has a goal to have every person serving in the military,  to have own one of these pens.

Charlie doesn’t ask for hand outs, but donations would go a long way in catching up with the 1000′s of  pen requests for organizations such as  THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. Each pen comes with a personal Thank You to each soldier and Charlie says that there isn’t a single pen that goes out that doesn’t spark a thought of his son and fishing buddy.  The word is spreading , currently there are 65-70 volunteers in Minnesota and Florida that help produce the Freedom Pens.  Taking  30 minutes from start to finish,  the two shells are joined together and open and close when twisted revealing a high quality ballpoint pen.


The article I read said that Charlie Thompson would love to talk to anyone about getting involved in making the pens or supporting the Freedom Pen Project.  Since his information was published in Farm Show, I will pass it along as well.


Charlie Thompson – North Mankato, MN -  850-630-4360  -

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