CRAFTSMAN TOOLS Commits Moral Treason, Rachets-Up Tool Making in China

I haven’t posted on the Blog for several months due to trying to build  the number of companies  and very proud of the fact we now have over 1200 AMERICAN companies on the site.   NO secret, I’m a car guy.  That means I have tools, lots of tools, and have some of them since I was a kid.  My tool of choice has always been  CRAFTSMAN  from Sears.


Saturday, I visited my local Pahrump, NV Sears store and brought a 1/2″ drive ratchet to take advantage of my lifetime warranty.  I’ve only taken 3 back in a lifetime, and all of them in the past 3-4 years. Why? Because they decided to save 5 cents on a ratchet by replacing a steel gear with a plastic one.   So it was time to exchange one.  Billy greeted me and I just held up the ratchet and he grabbed one off the spindle  and proceeded to do the cash register paper work.   Billy made the mistake of saying, “You know these are now made in China?”

“CRAFTSMAN IS MADE IN CHINA?” “Are you kidding me?  This is a National Institution, you have got to be kidding!!”   was my reaction.   “Nope” was his response and

there is was on the back of the package, “Made in China” .   I was shocked, and let down that Craftsman would “Sell Out”.  Then it dawned on me that the pricing was still the same,  I didn’t get a discount for  a now, inferior product.   This really aggravated me, and then I took a look at both ratchets, and sure enough, my old ratchet had “USA” on the handle and the new Chinese version just has a number (see first Photo).




CRAFTSMAN HAS e-VOLV-ED! I told Billy that I did not want the Chinese ratchet, I wanted mine fixed.  The best he could do is dig through his pile of  pieces parts and he found a repair kit that he handed me and said it was an easy fix.  This may seem “trivial” to some, but this is a serious hit to our manufacturing base.  Sears has had for  a number of years, a “lesser quality” line of tools called “E-Volv” with Green Packaging ,  and when shopping , you can compare the 52 Piece tool kit for $44.99 or pony up twice that much for a “real” Craftsman set, that is now made in the same Chinese Province.


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