“Better Than I Deserve”


Those of you you who are familiar with Dave Ramsey, will  recognize this response when he is asked “How are your doing”.  Dave’s formula for getting out of debt is often stated on his 3 hour daily radio program as “Advice your grandmother would give you, only we leave our teeth in”. Baby Steps is how it all starts.

In April of 2009, I had the priviledge  of attending one of Dave’s presentations in Colorado Springs with my brother , Larry, and sis-in-law, Shelley.    The program lasted  about 4 hours and I learned some new things , while being encouraged that I had made a few good choices along the way as well.  Dave’s concise message is GET OUT OF DEBT, stop using credit cards, and explains it in such a way that you realize it’s “Do-able”.  Why I am writing about this today is because when I walked out of the Colorado Seminar I had an idea.  Last week on September 12, The idea made it full circle to completion.

One of Dave’s “Tag Lines” is when he recommends that people get serious about saving money,   they need to get on a diet of “RICE AND BEANS AND BEANS AND RICE”. The message meaning, Buy in Bulk, keep it simple, and get ready for no frills, and it is usually followed by “I don’t want to see you in a restaurant unless you work there”.  So when I walked out of the Colorado Seminar, this is the idea I had in mind for Dave :

This is 1 of 2 “Beans and Rice” shirts that I had made for Dave.  I purchased the Beans and Rice bags on e-Bay and took them to a seasoned seamstress in St George , Utah.  After explaining what I wanted to do,  she gazed at me with the Deer-in-the- headlights look , but agreed to do it.  Apparently she caught the vision because she kept calling me with ideas on how she could put it together.  And so I have had  these  2 shirts hanging around for the better  part of 2 years.

On a recent trip to Tennessee, I coordinated  with Martha, “Director of Guest Relations” , who told me the best days would be Monday or Tuesday (Sept 12-13), keeping in mind, sometimes there are 75-150 people in the lobby.  During his 3 hour broadcast, Dave comes out to the lobby to meet and greet those gathered there.   I arrived an hour before the 1:00pm broadcast and conversed with Martha about the shirts.

About 1:35, Dave emerged from the studio and to my surprise , I was the only one in the lobby, with  a young couple  from California arriving just right minutes before Dave came out for the greet.  I realized I had to talk fast about the shirts ,  how they came to be,  and my reasons behind the recycled shirts.  I explained that I could see Dave walking out in a segment of his seminar with this colorful  visual presentation. The Beans and Rice shirt object lesson would resonate with  the audience and give them something to remember.  But wait there’s more.  I further explained that if someone asked where the shirts came from,   Dave could say “some crazy guy in Nevada had them made for me and you need to check out  his really cool website for American Made Products, www.USAonly.US

When Dave  first came out of the studio, he walked up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Dave Ramsey”.  That spoke volumes to me in a lesson of humility.  Of course I know who he is, but he established even ground by saying those choice words.  When I got home , there was already a Thank You letter in my mail box from Dave and the words that jumped off the page were “I understand how much work goes into getting from the product in your head to the product in your hand”.


As I drove from the Financial Peace Plaza, I had a great feeling of satisfaction and watched an idea come full circle.  I truly felt,
“Better Than I Deserve.”

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Someone Want to E-mail This to Washington?

“There is not a more important and fundamental principle in legislation, than that the ways and means ought always to face the public engagements; that our appropriations should ever go hand in hand with our promises. To say that the United States should be answerable for twenty-five millions of dollars without knowing whether the ways and means can be provided, and without knowing whether those who are to succeed us will think with us on the subject, would be rash and unjustifiable.” –James Madison, Speech in Congress, 1790
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911+ 3,650 Days


HOW, Can we Forget??

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Harry Reid, GREEN with NV








Senator Harry Reid, from my home state Nevada, put on the  fourth U.S.National Clean Energy Summit on August 30th at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.  The highlight (or Low-light no energy pun intended) , was the introduction of a marriage that 25 years ago would have been treasonous. Mr. Reid is very proud that the ENN Group, Solar Energy Co. Ltd, Langfang, China,  has been given the blessing, land perks, reductions in property, sales, use and business taxes,  and the proverbial  Red China Carpet rolled out for a 5400 acres Solar panel manufacturing plant and Solar Farm.  According to ENN, 400 acres would be dedicated to producing 3-5 MILLION Solar panels per year and the remaining 5000 acres will serve as the solar farm.  The estimated cost is somewhere between $4-6 Billion.  There are “stipulations” for ENN to get all the tax breaks, one of them having an average wage of $19.93 per hour  with a minimum of 75 operational  employees hired from Nevada.   Reid emphasized  that this Solar plant will help ween us from Foreign Oil.  But I guess that it isn’t that bad to give away the (solar) farm to a Chinese company that will  build , generate and sell electricity to local Electric Companies, and all those profits will sail one way across the Pacific Ocean, so it can be loaned back to us  to pay our Bills.  I think that would be a new one, a Triple Dip.  They are also involved in a large project in ALLENTOWN, PA.

ENN has a very slick website.  You can see it is geared to be a Green Global Salvation-to-the-World, Company. My guess is that the website was designed by someone in the US, because of the Buzz words that Eco-holics crave.  Yep, they even use the word “Synergy”.  This company is no backwoods sweat shop,  with 27,000 employees world wide, the Solar Arm of the company  claims  they can produce panels that will  generate 70 megawatts that could power “40,000 North American Homes” . So why is there a comparison on their Chinese website to American Standards?

I don’t like how this is coming together.  You can’t tell me there isn’t an American Company,  when given the all the perks that we are rolling out to a Chinese company, that can’t put together a project of this magnitude?  Here’s what’s going to happen, Mark, my Words, we will see a barrage of lobbyists, backed by these Chinese Companies, that will sweet-talk people like Harry Reid, into setting deadlines for local Electric Companies to have a certain percentage of their generated electricity sourced from these Solar Farms. You’ve seen how it works, incremental inching, 5% Solar by 2017, then 10% and on and on. As these Chinese Solar Farms spring up in different parts of the country, who will control the rates?  What if we have “diplomacy” problems with China, all of a sudden our dependence on Foreign Oil, didn’t seem so bad compared to China pulling the plug.

How do we stop things like this from continuing?

How ENN Viewed the Conference

ENN message from the “Chairman”

ENN Holdings

ENN  See Who Has  Out-Smarted U.S.


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Over-Paid Nephew Buys Red Oxx Wallet

My Nephew, Ryan, has been the biggest help in making this website grow.  He’s the one  who actually assembles the Biographical pages with the pictures and descriptions.  He really does a great job, BUT, apparently I’m paying him too much money because he had to purchase a new wallet just to stash his cash.   “Ry-Ry” (as he was affectionately called by his mother, my sister, until he turned 21),  is  a perfect example of how all of us need to change our shopping habits.  Instead of just hitting the Big Box stores and sending your money to China, why not just use a website like this one  to support American Companies?  Look at the gas savings alone.   Ryan told me he was going to order a wallet from them when he downloaded  RED OXX as a company onto the site.  The new wallet replaced his old wallet that looked like a slab of bacon (?).  Anyway, this is what Ryan sent to me after he received his Red Oxx wallet:

“my new Red Oxx wallet came in as expected. I am really impressed with the quality of craftsmanship. Sure, I could have gone out and bought a leather wallet for about the same price, but it would have fallen apart in less than a year. The stitching on this thing is top-notch: The Velcro and zippers are tough, and feel like you need strong, American fingers to qualify to operate such a wallet. Also, it looks badass. I expect nothing else from retired special forces Marines that live in Montana… It has become our norm, sadly, to buy a new shirt or jacket and see that the stitching has already started to fall out. It is refreshing to see a product that was carefully made for each customer, not just pumped out of a factory half a world away…

Thanx, Ry (only one “Ry” used) for all your help and thanx for supporting one of our American Vendors.

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Kind Words from NEW YORK


Wow, it seems like I  was just visiting  the Fort Logan Veterans Cemetery Celebrating Memorial Day, kicking off  Summer, and in the snap of a finger, it’s Labor Day.

Speaking of Labor, building this website  has truly been a “labor of love”  driven by passion.   I have learned that passion will bring you to your destination faster than money.  I receive many encouraging  e-mails about  this website, but I just wanted to pass one along that came to me last night.  It will be self explanatory and kind’a gave me that feeling when your dad gave you that little encouraging slap on the back.

To have a vision is one thing… to make it become reality is a great  achievement, and a satisfying to say the least..  Congrats to you and for the recognition you received on ABC.  Take pride in what you’ve done.  It’s a terrific and worthy Web site.
I remember the day you called and pitched your idea… to ask  if I’d like to climb aboard a ship still docked.  Thank you for that.
Doug’s company is:


Auburn, NY
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Georgia Company Sticks it to China

Who starts a company in November 2010?  Who starts a company in November 2010 that has most of their product exported to China?  Who starts a company in November 2010 that has most of their products exported to China , and manufacturers over 2,000, 000 units per day?  GEORGIA CHOPSTICKS LLC in  AMERICUS, GA , is the answer to all three of those questions. A Korean-born , American Citizen, named Jae Lee already has over 25 people working in his Georgia plant.

This is the irony of all ironies.  According to reports, the Chopstick demand is somewhere in the 63 Billion pair per year Neighborhood.  So how can we export Chinese eating utensils , be profitable  and have a guaranteed market?  Supply and demand .  China has very limited forest resources and Georgia has a stash of Sweet Gum and Poplar trees which are soft and pliable and I guess , doesn’t put splinters in your Low Mien.  Lee’s goal is to install more machines and have a capacity of 10 million pair per day.  So in a year’s time Lee could be producing  3.65 billion or 5-1/2 % of the world’s chopstick demand.  I “wood” like to see an American Flag on the top of them, and to add some more irony, let’s have them printed in China before they use them.  I wonder if they make a “spork” version?

Playing devil’s advocate here, how PC is making Chopsticks? I’m mean, look at the trees that are chopped down, the chainsaws, the lumber mill, the shipping , creating one giant carbon footprint. For What?  Throw-away eating utensils.  I’m not trying to knock out these jobs in Americus, but how many other entrepreneurs are stopped in their tracks by Government regulations, EPA, or other road blocks? I think I have this figured out.  We are making chopsticks here, sending them  to China, Japan and Korea, and they in turn, send us back EVERYTHING  we use everyday.  Maybe the Chinese don’t want to do these jobs and know Americans will do it.  So is it indeed  Irony or “Wood-rony” ??



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(Note: I do my best to keep my comments to be non-political, but I feel I must comment on the recent Bus Tour of the President). I realize that President Obama does nothing more than walk toward the bus and go where the tour takes him and has nothing to do with purchasing or outfitting the equipment.  But how far out-of-touch with our country and economy can the powers-to-be ………..be?  With a price tag of $1.1 million  x 2,  the check  for the buses was written by US  taxpayers and cashed by the Prevost Company, in Canada, via Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in Tennessee.  The tour lasted 3 days, so the buses alone cost $733,333 per day, not including fuel, food, secret service, and all the entourage that follows the President.  Since this tour was to “listen to the people”, what message does the White House send  especially when the President was flown from one bus location to the other.  There was actually no continuous 3 day tour.

Companies like MCI, Chicago, Thor in Indiana, Silver Eagle Bus, TN, and even Bluebird, in Georgia  all have employees that would have appreciated  a 40 hour paycheck and an opportunity to serve the country.  According to 38,000 comments on Twitter, 71% of the people viewed the 3-Day Tour as having a negative impact.  One of the quotes from the President that didn’t resonate was when he voiced  the need to boost  manufac- turing  and US exports, ” We’ve got folks in America driving Kias and Hyundais,  I want to see folks in Korea driving Fords and Chryslers and Chevys.  I want to sell goods all over the world that are stamped  with three words, Made In America”. (America consists of Mexico and Canada, “Made-in-USA” would be the correct comment).   Americans are not stupid and the partially driven Canadian Buses, with not even as much as an American Flag displayed, did not digest  well in the Farm Belt, regardless of Party affiliation.










Perhaps the biggest part of the “Magical Mystery Tour” is that it was not touted as a campaign for re-election.  Johnny Williams , from Alabama, operates a company called John L. Productions that provides “campaign buses” and could have easily supplied a Secret Service approved Bus for the President’s 3-Day Tour of the Midwest.  Williams has a whole bus-load of experience dating back to 1988 with George Bush I and as recent as John McCain in the last election providing S/S Approved transportation.

I think this is a serious incident.  I want to know why the Secret Service is buying buses for a 3 day outing, when there are other options , just as viable , with real American jobs not considered important?   With the mainstream media unanimous in seeing the tour as an  “early campaign tour”, why are the Tax Payers buying the buses? When you hire a caterer for  a wedding, you don’t buy all of the tables, chairs, plates, tent, or even the Reception building, but that’s exactly what we did with  the buses..  Where are the buses now?  One account said that the buses weren’t t even driven back to DC, they were flown  back on US Air Force Cargo Planes.  This country is in the worst condition in our lifetime. The Excessive waste that is perpetrated by this President and both Parties in Congress is really tickin’ me off.  The real name of the 3-Day Tour should have been: One Nation, Under the Bus, TOUR.

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COSTCO is RE-Volting, Pulls Plug on EV-ers

Bad news for those .oooooo1 % of people  who chose to invest massive quantities of dollars for  a Jetson’s electric car.  Looks like you’ll need to invest in some outdoor type extension cords because your local Costco is flipping the breakers on 64 of their 90 “juice” stations for EV (Electric Vehicles) owners.  The reason, ah no one is using them, so they will chalk it up to a bad investment and remove them from the designated  “RE-Charge” stations. Electric cars have been around since , actually the first electric cars were  built in the 1830′s.

So I bet you didn’t know that the EV out-sold gas and steam powered cars in 1899 and 1900.  The 1902 Woods Motor Vehicle Company of Chicago, had a car that had a range of 18 miles, could go 14 MPH, and cost $2000. In 1916, the Woods company built the first hybrid. (Maybe the Toyota Prius would have been more appropriately named the PRI-Vious).  When  the GM Volt was splashed all over the media as  the answer to Petroleum Powered cars, we could say “Been there, Done that”.  One Hundred Eight years later , the Chevy Volt has a range of about 40 miles, not sure of the top speed, with a sticker of $41,000.  I did the conversion as far back as I could go, but $2000 in 1913 is $45,640 in today’s money, so the 1902 Woods EV was quite expensive.  The selling features back then was not much different than today, Low noise, no smells, and didn’t scare the horses.  Production of these electrified carriages peaked in 1912 with a price tag pushing $3000.

Just like with any product presented to the public, Purchases Prove Acceptance.  The government is mandating that we find alternative methods of powering cars, the only problem is that people don’t want them.  Having a background in supplying Building Materials, I just don’t see a guy pulling a truck full of materials and tools to a job site and plugging into a power pole so he can drive it back home.  People with families, do not want to risk the safety of their families, in a  micro car.   Suburbans, Expeditions, Durango’s  just make sense for families with a soccer team to move down the highway.

The only one’s that say this is a tragedy are the “Tree Hugger” blog spots.  These folks just don’t get the concept that the free market exists by  the acceptance or rejection of a product.  The majority of the American public is not interested in Charging a car for a four hour run, and then, not being  able to find a fueling station.  And the question that is never answered is how much of an environmental impact does it still take to generate the 220 volts to charge the cars  for 2-8 Hours? And what about the battery replacement and disposal?

Nissan is moving forward on their EV expecting it to catch on by 2014.  My suggestion is for them is  to “Turn Over a NEW Leaf”.  and give us cars, that we want to drive.  One Article I found asked the Question; Where Will We Plug in Electric Cars?

My Previous Blog is : Chevy VOLT, I’m TOLT, Needs a JOLT, to Get Cars SOLT

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USAONLY License Plates Across AMERICA

Woke up to a great e-mail, this morning (8/20/11) from an old friend , former Nevada Resident,  and retired Air Force man, TJ.  He sent me this picture of his new license plate, (or “number plate” as referred to in the Eastern States), for his Classic Chevy.  So now there are 3 USAONLY license plates in America.  I have the Nevada plate and my daughter, Sarah, has the one in Florida.

Now if we could get some more folks across America to “Plate Up”, when we get 50 (That is how many states we have  correct?  Some believe we have 57), then it will be a Guinness Record for having the same vanity plate in every state.   So Let’s get working on that.   My daughter always  gets reactions from people and  many compliments ,  but always gives her an opportunity to tell people about www.USAonly.US

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