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406 E. 4th Ave.
Naperville, IL 60540

Telephone: 630 995 3090

Year Started: 2007

# American Employees: 5
  We are a small company in Seattle who had a little idea to reinvent the way kids eat lunch—making lunchtime easier, more inspiring and fun for both kids and parents. From the beginning, we decided to be as transparent as possible about our decisions as a company: how we produce, ship and get product to market. Below, you’ll find information about our materials, suppliers, vendors and craftsmen whose unrelenting energy has made Goodbyn possible. As we concepted Goodbyn and researched kids’ eating habits, we wanted a team of people who meshed with our beliefs, but had the unique background of research-driven, modern product design. We thought we’d be searching for a while, but (almost immediately) we were able to form a dream team with the expertise and design aesthetic that enables Goodbyn to look as cool as it does while making lunchtime for kids smarter than ever. All of Goodbyn’s products are manufactured in Michigan at Cascade Engineering. They were Byndoo’s choice from the beginning because of their capabilities in engineering, an impressive client list, and high-volume manufacturing capacity. We also preferred Cascade because of their transparency in labor and environmental ethics. They have garnered innumerable awards and certifications for their stewardship to the environment, their employees and community, and setting a new standard by which all other companies will measure themselves in the future. We chose to use a local printer in Washington state, because they offered local quality with corporate efficiencies. They are FSC-certified and are very much in-tune with their waste and recycling procedures. We utilize their unique printing expertise with vegetable-based inks, recycled materials, and water-based solvent adhesives. We also use their warehouse to store, assemble and fulfill orders for Goodbyn. They’re the last link in the chain before Goodbyns reach their next destination: the store shelves and really excited kids.  
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Goodbyn was born in order to develop products that are highly usable, likeable, and responsibly made. Growing our business in the U.S., in the midwest where we all were raised, makes us appreciate the opportunities that we are afforded, and believe that we are surrounded by incredibly talented, skilled people who make Goodbyn's products a reality.
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