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Dog Cheap Sleeps
20801 N 21st Avenue # A
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Telephone: 602-309-1915

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 2 evolved out of necessity. I breed, raise and show Great Danes in my limited spare time. As with most dog breeders I’ve had my own share of heartbreak, headache and outrageous expenses. Not the largest expense, but running close to the top, are dog beds and other pet gear. Great Danes, after all, need very large dog beds for their spoiled little butts. Evidently the softer and more expensive, the better. The cheaper, and human preferred models are evidently best suited as tug of war toys. One Saturday I found a website that sold, among other pet gear, rather inexpensively by comparison, large dog beds made from foam scraps. I immediately ordered two huge beds. Upon receipt I knew we needed to get some kind of cover for the beds or these bed’s lives would be rather short. After yet another trip to the dumpster with a destroyed dog bed in tow I decided I’ll just find some waterproof covers. As I sat staring at my screen, a little light came on, I let it come to full brightness and said why not?! We’ll make our own covers, and then the second light came on, and sell them on the internet. That’s when the email went out to the lady who knows how to sew. Would I pay more for a bed like that? You betcha. We finally accomplished our objectives, creating waterproof, weatherproof pet beds and pet bed covers. No dog smell, no hair sticking to the cloth or other covering, ability to wash with a sponge or hose, easily disinfected and the dog bed life had just been extended indefinitely. And it’s the perfect outdoor dog bed! How many thousands of dog bed dollars have been wasted because of dog accidents, or stinky, hairy beds. is finally at a point where we are seeing success. Amazingly we can get product out in as little as two days despite the distractions of running a successful electrical contracting business. beds are truly made in the USA, including our fabric, thread, Velcro and finished dog beds. One caveat, we can only attest to products purchased in America; their source of origin could come into question. Ours are made in the USA, with weatherproof covers that are manufactured in sunny Arizona. The best part? is having fun and providing animal comforts for man’s best friend. We believe we have a product that will please dog, cats and their human families. Feel free to compare us to other companies; we offer discount prices on our dog beds.  
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