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Acucraft Fireplaces
20100 West Hwy 10
Big Lake, MN 55309

Telephone: 763-263-3156

Year Started: 1979

# American Employees: 15
  In 1979, engineer Roger Hansen developed a highly efficient wood burning fireplace that could operate using two separate air flow systems. This revolutionary design was the beginning of Acucraft Fireplace Systems. Built out of 7 GA steel with double welded seams and lined with firebrick, this fireplace produces up to 180,000 BTUs per hour. Over the years additional efficient fireplaces have been designed and constructed with the same quality workmanship. Acucraft Fireplace Systems now offers seven standard models. Recognizing a demand for custom wood burning fireplaces, Acucraft began working with clients and designers to create totally unique fireplaces. This continues to be the fastest growing division of Acucraft Fireplace Systems. Acucraft fireplace systems are not merely built; they're engineered for quality, efficiency, warmth and of course beauty. Our systems combine traditional fireplace charm with contemporary heating technology. The significant research, development and expense we've invested are present in every wood burning system we build today. Each system is handcrafted and customized to meet your rigorous standards.  
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Acucraft selects and uses only American Made Components.
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