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All American Frontier Custom Leather
7322 W. Bonnie Ave. # 65
Kennewick, WA 99336

Telephone: 509-366-3220

Year Started: 2012

# American Employees: 2
  We are a Christian based company. In 1971 I started doing leather work as a hobby. Joined the Marine Corp in 1974. I ran with the devil until I turned 45. Turned my life around with the help of God, joined the church, became a Pastor at the Fellow Ship. I love to hunt and fish. I hunted with bow and arrow for about 20 years. Then stopped hunting for 10 years , then started hunting again. I purchased my first long colt 45 pistol and went to buy a holster. The price for holsters were more than I wanted to pay. So I pulled out my old tools and started to make a holster and belt. Then the next thing I knew, all of my friends wanted leather products so here we are.  
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We need to quit out sourcing our jobs.
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