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Game Gear
7095 West 3500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84128

Telephone: 800-592-7195

Year Started: 1946

# American Employees: 150
  In 1946, five Osborn Brothers (Bill, Charles, David, Lynne and Spencer) bought an existing clothing manufacturing business in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The Osborn brothers began contracting business in the Los Angeles area. A year later, in 1947, the brothers agreed to move their garment manufacturing firm (Osborn Apparel, Inc.) to their home state of Utah. In downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, they established a small shop, which prospered to five plant locations and over 400 employees. In 1970, they opened their present headquarters in West Valley City, Utah and did contract sewing work for: Pendleton, White Stag, Eddie Bauer, and Jantzen. Game Gear-The Oldest Apparel Manufacturer in Utah In 1974, Spencer Osborn's son, David Osborn, founded Osborn Specialty Sewing, Inc. David chose the Cobblestones Activewear (TM) name for his company. Cobblestones enjoyed contract sewing for companies as: Nike, Pierre Cardin, Laguna, Jordache, Hind, Dolphin and Amity. Cobblestones decided to focus on building their own brand and specialized in making athletic apparel. In 2011, it was time for the 3rd generation to take the helm. Cade and Clayton Osborn guide the company today and are poised for growth and continued success. The company is now called Game Gear and proudly boasts still “Made in the USA!” You will have less stress buying Game Gear sports apparel because of the unmatched value of customization, speed, and quality.  
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As I have travelled the world I realize what an infant our country is compared to the rest of the world. I admire the world around us for their goodness and strength. However, when I return home to the USA, I am always grateful to be and American and to enjoy the freedoms I have been blessed with. In the same thought, I grow anxious and concerned about protecting those freedoms. The forces around us that directly and indirectly threaten our autonomy and rights. Education, manufacturing power, the family, the debt crises, and the decline in traditional values are some of the targets of enemies to freedom. Regardless of our challenges, this land is a light to the world and I will fight and encourage everyone in my sphere of influence to ignite and be the people we were meant to be. That is how I feel about America.
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