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Tigercandy Arts, Inc
Netherland Ave
Bronx, NY 10463

Telephone: 347-603-7822

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 3
  TIGERCANDY ARTS, INC is an inventive American company founded by dedicated visual artists and art therapists. "We believe that all people have a need to express their inherent creativity regardless of age, experience, or ability. This is reflected in our designs that make the fun, beauty, and sense of joy and accomplishment of art-making and creative play accessible to all, while stretching the limits of imagination and fostering the artist within. OUR GOAL is to design products that encourage imagination, independence and creativity. Our mission is to get people of all ages and especially children excited about arts and crafts and being truly creative. In today's world of accelerated technology and "push button" toys our inner creative selves are often overlooked. Art-making & imaginative play foster individuality, independence, hope and ambition. With art if you can dream it you can create it. What better way for us to learn to reach for the stars? AS ARTISTS AND ART EDUCATORS we combine the teacher's sensibility with the methodology of art therapy to produce incredible products like Sockett® , The Sockett Kit® and Stick Puppet Party!® By guiding kids through the process of making their own original puppets, our kits put emphasis on the creative process and pay tribute to the artist in all of us. AS DESIGNERS the quality of a concept is equally as important as the quality of the materials we use. It is important to us to make products with purpose. Many toy companies have set trends that marginalize and compromise both art and craft sacrificing imagination and artistic self discovery in the process. Unlike the overly commercialized toys and "paint by numbers" craft kits mass produced by giant toy companies, we focus on facilitating the creative process rather than taking it over.  
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