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Pure Play Kids
PO Box 4293
Stamford, CT 06907

Telephone: 203-355-0056

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 2
  Pure Play Kids is an exciting company that grew out of Mike and Tania Grant's personal quest to find the best toys for their own kids. After examining every aspect of the children's products industry, it became clear that much improvement was needed in the way children's products are designed, manufactured, marketed, sold, used, and discarded in America. Pure Play Kids was created to improve the marketplace for children's products and to provide parents with better choices for raising fun and creative families!  
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Thoughts on America:
Americans have been encouraged by mass retailers and even the government to buy more and buy cheaper, and that mistake is finally beginning to become obvious to many Americans. Cheap is not cheap. Is the loss of jobs or loss of pride cheap? The institutions are not going to solve this problem, so it comes down to American citizens making purchasing decisions that will help fellow American citizens. It comes down to companies choosing to go the hard route (made-in-USA) rather than the low-cost, low-quality route. It comes down to great sites like yours to educate people and show them alternatives. Thanks!
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