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2990 Bergey ROad
Hatfield, PA 19440

Telephone: 215-997-7722

Year Started: 1992

# American Employees: 160
  It all began one evening when Joel Glickman was playing with straws. That's right... straws! While sitting at a crowded, noisy wedding Joel began tinkering with some straws and thinking about the possibilities. This dabbling, followed by some innovative product engineering, led to the very popular Rod and Connector building system now available throughout the world. But this was just the beginning of the K'NEX concept. Soon K'NEX builders were able to add wheels, pulleys and gears to create vehicles and other innovative creations. Easy-to-follow, color-coded instructions, included in every set, made it easy to bring the models to life. Then came the products that MOVE. From simple mechanical drives to special models with integrated motors, K'NEX products were really going places. This led to programmable control, including the CyberK'NEX concept that allows actions and personalities to be downloaded from the Internet. New color palettes were introduced for realistic and hot looking vehicles and space models. The new Cool Machines line include chrome wheels and parts for even greater realism. Today K'NEX continues to pace the construction toy worlds with quality and innovation, and maintains this online presence to keep in touch with its users, their parents, and the general community.  
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