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MTS Communication Products
950 NC Hwy 42 West
Clayton, NC 27520

Telephone: 919-553-2995

Year Started: 1984

# American Employees: 10
  Multi-Technical Services was founded in early 1985 to provide custom product design and small lot manufacturing services for several electronic companies in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park. Some of the early projects included manufacturing the emergency-run-down system for GE's MRI, and the development of a compact solid-state audio recorder/player for Digital Recorders, Inc., for use on airport shuttle buses. In 1986, MTS began developing a line of broadcast equipment under the MTS Communication Products Division label. The first three-channel EBS encoder/decoder included weather radio integration, continuous self-test, and end-of-message signaling. This system set new standards for EBS that can be seen in the new EAS equipment requirements. In 1993, Skip White joined the company, mainly as a Software Engineer but also as a Design Engineer for many products. Skip worked in Radio Broadcasting for 28 years. He spent 13 years as a combination announcer, "morning man" and engineer, and then left the airwaves and spent 15 years as Chief Engineer only. The MTS broadcast product line now includes composite FM Receivers, NOAA Receivers, Distribution Amplifiers, and several more specialty items. Commercial products include TIS transmitting systems, networked digital audio work stations, and the on-air program audio console for NOAA Weather Radio which is currently in use across the nation. The System 3000D EAS unit continues the complete system concept and has advanced features that are not found in competing products. The EAS Encoder II software is for generating EAS messages anywhere, right from your Windows PC. The newest MTS product is the Emergency Alert Radio or EAR, which is available in two models that are identical except for the frequencies covered. The Weather EAR receives NOAA weather radio frequencies and the FM EAR receives standard FM broadcast stations.  
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