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1610 E. Main Street
Wasahachie, TX 75165

Telephone: 800-972-2737

Year Started: 1985

# American Employees: 50
  Americase, Inc. designs and manufactures commercial duty carrying cases for any kind of transportation. Our most common consumers include the military, airlines (including HM 224 cases), educational facilities, manufacturers of electronics, oil and gas wireline services, promotional display companies, entertainers, transporters of hazardous materials, and many more. The Americase team can provide the solution you are looking for in safe transportation and storage of your equipment. Americase specializes in anodized aluminum ATA 300, MIL-SPEC, and HAZ-MAT cases, as well as blow / injection molded watertight or light duty plastic cases. Americase can provide custom fabrication and custom interiors, as well as applied graphics and other functional features to make your cases right for you.  
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Thoughts on America:
Americase Ownership, Management, and Employees strongly believe in supporting our local, state, and national economy by hiring American workers, buying American materials and products, and contributing to our economic cycle. We make our products with pride. That pride shows in the quality of workmanship of our products. We are Patriots whose very core of the company is America.
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