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J.J. Short Associates, Inc.
1645 Wayneport Road
Macedon, NY 14502

Telephone: 315-986-3511

Year Started: 1977

# American Employees: 5
  ur company was founded by John, Sr. and his wife Mary Ann Short in 1977, as a manufacturer of custom rubber products. Mr. Short was a graduate of Hobart College majoring in Chemistry and Math. He learned the rubber trade while working for Garlock, Inc. and as a partner in Chamberlin Rubber Company, where he was primarily responsible for developing that company's molded-rubber division. The company's initial focus was to produce specialty molded rubber products, rubber covered rolls and rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-plastic parts for the film processing and graphic arts industries. Mr. Short along with engineers at Eastman Kodak Company, perfected the manufacturing methodology of molding the "soft-touch" spool tire covering the film-bearing portion of processing rollers that facilitate the processing of films with little or no process-attributable damage. With a solid foundation of loyal customers, the Shorts along with a family of hardworking co-workers grew the company throughout the last three decades. Today we continue in the production of rubber components and products for industries such as communication systems, packaging, electronics manufacturing services (EMS), graphic art and print equipment, furniture manufacturing, food processing, beverage, and medical equipment to name a few. From design consultation through a prototype, and on to production, J. J. Short can provide a wide range of services, ala carte or in total.  
Product Categories:
I-L,  Parts
Thoughts on America:
America is the greatest country in the world. It welcomed our maternal grandparents from Italy with open arms. Provided our parents with the ability to start their own manufacturing business and pass it along to the second generation. As an American manufacturer we have seen a lot of customers take their business overseas for cheaper labor and supposedly lower prices. Recently with our RE-SHORE IT intiative we have seen some of that business return as quality, quick turnaround, commitment to customer service and a fair price have trumped cheap overseas goods. We are proud of every item we make it and stand behind it as it bears our father's name. We as a country must be equally proud of everything we do, apologizing to noone and getting back to the innovative, entrepeneurial spirit that carried us the first 200 plus years! Our children and grandchildren deserve the same opportunities we have had inthis great country.
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