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14 Bell Air dr
Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706

Telephone: 914-693-5054

Year Started: 2007

# American Employees: 5
  Years ago, GREEN was just a color, today it has become a symbol of a new lifestyle. We at In2green are embracing this new lifestyle and looking at how we can make a difference. Our contribution will be in the realm of innovation - our goal is to re-engineer common products so that they are more beautiful and more sustainable. Gifts and promotions are one area where traditional resources such as cotton and petroleum based synthetic fibers are prevalent. At in2green, we are specializing in manufacturing and distributing products that use less of these first generation materials, often the biggest abusers of land, water, chemicals and dyes. Instead, we work with recycled /sustainable materials materials and build on their intrinsic eco-advantages. Many of our knit and woven products, for example, are made of an ECO2cotton™ blend yarn. The cotton used in this yarn is recycled so no new land development is necessary and far less water, chemicals and dyes are needed. Since the original material, pre-consumer textile table cutting waste, is refiberized and spun back into yarns, unique colorations from the color blending process are possible. We achieve true innovation at a fraction of the environmental cost. In2green was started by a group of product designers all looking to improve what is possible using recycled materials. Our goal is to act as sourcing agents for mills, promotion and event planners, corporations, and individuals who want to go GREEN. We offer the widest range of wholesale and retail environmentally responsive products as well as help source yarns and fabrics for product development. In the effort to reach out and make a difference, In2green also supports many student groups, who are actively seeking to green their colleges and universities, as well as important organizations such as Leave No Trace, which reminds us all to protect our natural environment. Most of our products are made in US, offering the lowest possible footprint. Please join us to support products that have a lesser impact on the environment. If we all do our part, we know there can be a better lifestyle for everyone!  
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