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Davy Jones Baseball Inc
2750 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO 80020

Telephone: 303-465-2287 (bats)

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 10
  He was born David Jefferson Jones on June 30, 1880 in Cambria, Wisconsin. His Major League debut was on September 15th, 1901. He was mostly known for his years playing for the the Detroit Tigers with fellow outfielders Ty Cobb, and “Wahoo” Sam Crawford. He played his last Major League game in 1918. He played for many years after his baseball career in the Old Timer’s league in exhibition games along with many other great baseball luminaries. I decided to name this company after him after reading an interview of him in the book, “The Glory of Their Times” by Lawrence Ritter. His words painted not just a portrait of baseball 100 years ago, but inspired an American life. The stories told by Davy Jones and others in that book truly capture the essence of baseball, and the guys who played it. Since I have two sons that play in competitve baseball, it seemed like a natural fit along with over 25 years of being a wood craftsman, and also having a background in both engineering, drafting and design helped as well. I also want to thank the players and coacheds that helped me develop and test all of the models and the new models that are developed and many of you are still with us today. I thought long and hard about not just the performance of our bats, but the appearance as well. We have somewhat of an “Old Americana” look to our bats. All of the bats are truly hand crafted using the finest cuts of lumber which are hand choosen for our bats, and the most advanced composites found in the market today. Many of the composites that are used in the making of a Davy Jones bat are aerospace grade and nothing less will do.  
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Thoughts on America:
We all feel very strongly about having more and more Amercian made prodcuts and keeping everything in the states. This generates revenue, jobs and secures the future for our kids and their kids. As a country, we have done this country a diservice by allowing other companies out of the country to make products and ship them back to US for sales. We need to get more aggressive on pricing and still be able to make a product that stands up to the American Made branding that we all love.
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